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Where do I find the certificate number for BCT-Software?
The certificate is written on an extra sheet of paper in the BCT software package.
It is also saved in the license file. Just open the file e.g. bctv170.dat (170 = UG V17) with an text editor and look for something like "VENDOR_STRING=??-??????????".


Where do I find the license file?
BCT Products need an environment variable "BCT_EOMS_DIR" that refers to the installation directory. This directory cotains a subdirectory called "bct_def", that contains the startfiles: eoms_set.cmd (Windows) and (Unix). The variable "BCT_LICENSE_FILE" defines the path to the license file.

What is the difference between a nodelocked and floating license?
Nodelocked licenses (Cert No. NC-??????????) are only available on one specific CAD workstation. The software is locked to this machine by the LAN-ID of the network card.

Floating licenses (Cert No. FC-??????????) are available on multiple CAD workstations via license server. BCT Software checkes if there are at the moment free licenses available on the server. The software is locked to the server name and LAN-ID of the network card.


What ist a physical (MAC) address?
It is the physical address of the network card and absolute unique. This address is needed to generate your specific license file.

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