NX (12.0.2 or higher) is coming with an integrated CADENAS Reuse Library.

The CADENAS library has a large number of commercial vendor parts that you can use in your design.

By default, a demo catalog is activated. You can find it in the NX Resource Bar "Reuse Library".

It allows access to only a few components for every vendor. After licensing the CADENAS Reuse Library, it contains the whole component portfolio for every vendor.

Learn more about the integration of the CADENAS Reuse Library in NX.

However, how could companies benefit from this online catalog data in case they use Teamcenter classification to standardize the part variety and reusable components in their PLM infrastructure?

Classify CADENAS catalog parts automatically

Do you already use Teamcenter Classification to manage overall reusable components in Teamcenter PLM environment?

With BCT aClass you can classify CADENAS parts automatically:

  • classify CADENAS commercial parts automatically by BCT aClass to improve data quality and to be able to search for attributes
  • define roles and responsibilities in your company’s organization for managing standard components
  • establish workflows for part requests
  • categorize parts by usability status (preferred/non-preferred/blocked) – e.g. based on their usage
  • establish workflows for phase-out and check assemblies for blocked components during design and final release process

This is how the automatical classification with BCT aClass works:

  • Automatic mirroring of CADENAS catalogs into the classification
  • Automatic classification of purchased parts in Teamcenter
  • Using the CADENAS catalog image as a class image
  • Intelligent generation of class attributes based on the part attributes
  • Synchronization of the part attributes into the class attributes as characteristics

Automatical classification with BCT aClass

Screenshot: Automatical classification with BCT aClass

View the video regarding the automatical classification with BCT aClass:

The benefits at a glance:

  • Less effort in creating 3D CAD files for commercial parts
  • Less effort in managing classification
  • Better data quality for commercial parts
  • Finding parts faster, by search based on attributes
  • Increase reuse and less number of parts and duplicates
  • Less engineering time by reusing existing components
  • Scale effects in purchasing and stock

Learn more about BCT aClass.

More information

about BCT aClass

about CADENAS Reuse Library for NX


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