BCT Technology has strong roots. The idea factory is a spin-off of the Badische Stahlwerke (BSW) Group in Kehl, Germany. Since its foundation in 1991, BCT has always been very innovative, but at the same time, grounded in reality.

BCT is expert in the field of product lifecycle management (PLM) and Platinum Siemens PLM Partner. As a sales and development partner of Siemens PLM Software, BCT offers an own portfolio of software products that enable companies to optimize the entire value chain. The BCT Add-Ons complement the Siemens software and are also available via the Siemens price book.

Worldwide leading medium sized, as well as renowned major companies, trust the quality of BCT's software products and appreciate the advantages they provide to improve their daily business.

Customer Statements

Bizerba GmbH & Co. KG

"The collaboration with BCT was very productive, as you can see from the result, which is extremely gratifying.“

Jürgen Kambeitz, Head of Service Organization & IT Global Service

Jos. Schneider Optische Werke GmbH

"By automating the extraction and stamping process, we save up to 50 percent of the time needed to create the inspection plans."

Christoph Ackermann, Design Engineer in R&D


Siemens Healthcare

"The global filter functionality in BCT aClass allows flexible multi-stage standardization of our purchase part range."

Dr. Florian Schüssler, Coordinator Standardization Board for Business Unit Components & Vacuum Technology

Bausch + Ströbel Maschinenfabrik GmbH + Co. KG

"BCT CheckIt allows an easy and flexible validation of extensive assembly structures on plausibility and completeness."

Tobias Hörner, Group Leader EDP Organization - Systems Product Development, Applications


BCT Product Portfolio


BCT Inspector - Characteristics Extraction, Inspection & Change Reports

BCT Inspector is a tool that facilitates the extraction of valuable knowledge from virtual product development with NX and - through the integration with PLM - provide them throughout the company and directly integrate it into quality management processes.

BCT Inspector reduces e.g. the effort of inspection report generation verifiably by approximately 50%.

Model Based Definition

The fault susceptibility of the entire process is reduced by a double-digit rate through the unique identification of characteristics and the transparency in change history. The integration of both 2D data and 3D model information allows a smooth migration without data loss from a drawing oriented working to a future completely 3D model oriented data processing for quality management.

  • Automatic generation of the characteristics list (also in the background) → Time savings of 60 to 80 percent compared to manual entry
  • Free definable export of check and change reports
    (also graphical comparison of model and drawing changes)
  • Automatic acceptance of design changes → High process reliability
  • Seamless transfer of characteristic data to QMS Professional

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BCT CheckIt - Accurate Teamcenter Workflows

With early detection - prior to release - of data and consistency errors, improved data quality can be achieved in the product development process and unnecessary revisions can be avoided. Validation of design data by the designer prior to release or as part of a release process provides both automatic and flexible verification of the design content.

BCT CheckIt can also be used to control the synchronization with an ERP system.

Configurable checkings of assemblies context and the possibility to define required fields and dependencies increase the power of the validation. Typical items that can be validated:

  •     Are the mandatory fields completed?
  •     Do all values follow their required formats?
  •     (e.g. only positive values, correct date formats, integer numbers)
  •     On an attribute depend other attributes. Are these filled adequately?
  •     Have all BOM custom fields, e.g. spare part flag, been filled according to specification?
  •     Are documents and datasets available and checked in?

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BCT aClass - Structured Storage and Reuse of Product Data

The structuring and reuse of product data and knowledge in the development process as part of a standardization strategy becomes more important in all branches of the manufacturing industry. Intelligent classification systems are paramount.

BCT aClass is the most efficient and flexible classification software for the Teamcenter environment. BCT aClass supports managing, searching, and using engineering objects or any other information that is part of the product lifecycle.

It has been proven that using BCT aClass provides a clear savings of time, money and effort when it comes to reusing existing engineering objects and avoiding the creation of either redundant or unnecessary new objects.

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BCT EasyPlot - Demand-driven Output and Reproduction of Documents

The demand-driven supply of documents and drawings throughout the company process is still an important issue for all company departments involved as well as for customers and suppliers.

The powerful plot management software BCT EasyPlot allows a fast and easy plotting of all documents in the context of complete assembly and product structures. A processing for downstream processes is also possible. The full integration into Teamcenter allows a consistent user guidance and ensures a transparent and PLM system oriented access to required revisions.

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BCT 3D-Raster - Transferring Raster Drawings into the Digital PLM Process

3D-Raster integrates 2D paper or electronic data (e.g. TIFF, PDF, HPGL, legacy CAD etc.) into NX and Teamcenter, where the software allows the data to be stored and edited without having to spend any additional effort to migrate the data into a vector format. By doing this a single standardized process can be established that also includes this raster data.

This process provides easy access to this data and makes it possible to edit and add to the drawings without having to recreate them. Having the data in the same tools and processes means that it will allow the migration of legacy systems and provide a single go forward approach supporting a completely digital workflow.

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BCT BI-Reports - Business Intelligence Reports

BCT BI-Reports is an intelligent enterprise reporting system for Teamcenter Schedule Management that monitors Teamcenter data using intelligent charts and EVM (Earned Value Management) values. Managing project becomes quite easy with BCT BI-Reports.

You can easily see the actual status of your projects and the resources. More than that, BCT BI-Reports offers data export in different formats like Adobe® PDF, Microsoft® Excel, Postscript, Microsoft® Word, OpenDocument formats and Microsoft® Powerpoint.

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BCT TechDoc Interactive Spare Part Catalogs

Numerous analysis in the manufacturing industry show, that today several companies have revenue generation potentials in service and spare parts business. BCT TechDoc generates interactive spare part catalogs in Teamcenter environment at the push of a button.

BCT TechDoc uses product information already available in the PDM system to generate the framework for the spare part catalog of a product or a complete product series. Not only spreadsheets but graphical elements  - e.g. drawing or 3D models of the spare parts that can be viewed with 3D PDF - are integrated into the catalog with BCT TechDoc. Customers can identify the desired spare part not only based on the item number but make sure to choose the right part. An optional shopping cart functionality allows a simple triggering of the order.

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