In order to remain competitive, companies must continuously improve their processes.
By now, process quality and security are first priority.

Shorter planning times and lower development costs are the keywords: less manual activities, less errors, less repeated queries and thus less effort in terms of time and costs.

Manual processes are time consuming and hold the serious risk of errors. Undisputed one of them is the tracking of design changes: often a manual, time consuming, tedious and error prone venture.

This is why rapid and accurate change identification and verification as well as a clear revision history are of major importance in the change management process in the manufacturing industry. Avoiding missed items and mistakes in this process can achieve significant saving of time and money, and sometimes even trouble.

Clear revision history and traceability of design changes with BCT Inspector

The Quality Management software "BCT Inspector"...

  • identifies, labels and extracts characteristics, giving them unique characteristic identifiers over the lifecycle
  • automatically identifies every engineering change that has occurred (identifies deleted, new and modified characteristics)
  • provides an intelligent graphical and spreadsheet comparison of drawings, models and characteristic lists
  • avoids transcribing mistakes through direct data transfer
  • allows a fast and precise traceability of all engineering changes
  • generates automated change documentation
BCT Inspector
Characteristics identification in models and drawings
BCT Inspector
Automatic compare of drawing and model revisions

Generate documentations of design changes at the push of a button:

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Elimination of error-prone manual activities for characteristic ballooning and extraction
  • Unique characteristic identifiers over the complete lifecycle of the part
  • 100% control over all engineering changes
  • Clear graphical and schedular identification of the single modified characteristics
  • Flagging of changed items to notify downstream processes of the changes done
  • Documentation of design changes at the push of a button
  • Clear traceability and access to up-to-date revision history for a wide circle of users in engineering, design/ drafting, quality, supply chain, manufacturing
  • Reduces time spent for change verification by 70 percent or more

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