Products are becoming more complex and at the same time companies are forced to continuously improve their processes. They need to manage complexity while increasing throughput to stay competitive in the global marketplace.

Manual processes are time consuming and hold the serious risk of errors. Undisputed one of them is the tracking of design changes: often a manual, time consuming, tedious and error prone venture.

Thus, rapid and accurate change identification and verification are of major importance in the change management process in the manufacturing industry.

Therefore, a way has to be found to be able to record design revisions and related changes more quickly and to be able to consider them in subsequent processes.

The quality management solution BCT Inspector enables (amongst other functions) an intelligent comparison of drawings, models and characteristic lists.

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Webinar Topics

  • Automated graphical comparison of drawing revisions (applicable to any drawing revision)
  • Indexing design requirements in the background
  • Create change documentations


  • 100% control over all engineering changes
  • Avoids overlooking changes and errors
  • Prevents error costs in subsequent processes
  • Clear traceability
  • Access to current revision history for a wide range of users in design, quality assurance, supply chain and manufacturing


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