Manufacturing companies are facing enormous challenges due to rising customer demands for individual and complex products, through strict regulations and increased competition from cost-saving countries.

They have to adapt to the global competition by offering products that exceed customer expectations of flexibility and quality.

Regarding these challenges, structuring and reuse of product data in the development process is gaining an important role to increase value in all industries.

Beginning with Teamcenter 11.2 a new "Library Management", based on the classification, is available. It provides new possibilities to capture and supply expert knowledge in libraries to support standardization.

The classification tool BCT aClass (based on Teamcenter 11.2) leverages the functionality of Teamcenter Library Management.

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Your advantages

Various libraries can be provided for different applications. There are many types of applications. Libraries can be ordered by design disciplines, according to program or project membership or specific standards. The libraries themselves contain their own hierarchy, similar to the class structure, which however can be ordered independently.

So-called "Membership Rules" fill the libraries automatically on the basis of the data from classification.

In addition to the already known classification, the Library Management offers the following advantages:

  • Capture the knowledge from experienced engineers and supply to new employees
  • Optimized and structured libraries to support the company's various fields and disciplines in the daily work
  • Reuse content from existing classification structures
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