Ensuring data quality by using validation rules

BCT CheckIt Rule Designer

When working with Teamcenter Workflows, the user may experience interruptions in the workflow process due to data and consistency errors. These lead to increasing time and cost investments during the development process.

The goal is to ensure data quality before workflow start in order to avoid interruptions during the actual workflow process. This procedure ensures that neither the user nor the administrator needs to conduct time-consuming rework.

BCT CheckIt is an established solution for ensuring data quality using validation rules before the workflow process starts. BCT CheckIt Designer enables the Teamcenter/BCT CheckIt administrator to create, maintain and deploy check rules in Teamcenter in a simplified way. With a new intuitive web interface and reduced configuration effort the defined rules can now be added or removed by drag and drop.

Our virtual presentation shows how to create, deploy and run a new check rule with BCT CheckIt Designer.

Contact: Lena Hetzel, Tel. +49 7852 996-238

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