In January of 2015 BCT has moved into new business premises in
Stuttgart-Weinstadt. With this step we want to reinforce our
activities in the Stuttgart area.

Stuttgart is located in the heart of Europe and at the centre of one of the strongest industrial metropolitan regions and most innovative high-tech locations in Europe. The Stuttgart area is one of the largest automobile locations in the world. In addition, the region is considered a stronghold of innovative tool and mold design. Within a radius of 250 km there are nearly 60 % of all tool and mold companies.

We see great potential in our new location and we are confident that we can provide manufacturing and especially the automotive industry as well as tool and mold companies with the best possible solutions based on our expertise in the PLM environment and with modules such as Product Cost Management.

For our customers, we want to be the partner that optimizes their business processes in collaboration, entirely in the spirit of product lifecycle management (PLM).

From now on, we are also available at the new location. Our contact details are:

Heinkelstr. 4
71384 Weinstadt
p +49 7151 205 359-0
f +49 7151 205 359-88