The structuring and reuse of product data and knowledge in the development process as part of a standardization strategy becomes more important in all branches of the manufacturing industry. Intelligent classification systems are paramount.

BCT aClass is the most efficient and flexible classification solution for the Teamcenter environment. BCT aClass supports managing, searching, and using engineering objects or any other information that is part of the product lifecycle. It has been proven that using BCT aClass provides a clear savings of time, money and effort when it comes to reusing existing engineering objects and avoiding the creation of either redundant or unnecessary new objects.

An investment that pays off

The elimination of simular parts with BCT aClass in combination with Geolus delivers short-term reachable savings, that exceed the costs of the investment. A summarizing report, also part of this offer, identifies the similar parts in your system.

Example: Supposed you have 20,000 parts and supposed 1% of them are geometrically identical parts with different item numbers (duplicates). If the costs for a part amount to EUR 1,000 the elimination of these 1% of duplicates can save your company a sum of EUR 200,000.

BCT offers a service package, that substantiates the cost saving potential that can be reached in your company by eliminating duplicates.



BCT aClass with Geolus Search

BCT aClass
with Geolus Search

Library Management with BCT aClass

Library Management
with BCT aClass

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Classification based on
part geometry:

CAD- and PDM-neutral full-text/ geometric search:

Search and classification of geometrical similar parts:

Find similar geometries based on geometry sketches:


Saving with variants


Saving with variants

Optimal product variety at best possible reuse: Challenges of variety, methods for consolidating parts inventory, maintenance of order, control of part variety.


Siemens Healthcare reduces purchased part range

Learn from our case study how Siemens Healthcare achieved significant improvements in the mechanical engineering...




Siemens Healthcare

"The global filter functionality in BCT aClass allows flexible multi-stage standardization of our purchase part range."

Dr. Florian Schüssler, Coordinator Standardization Board for Business Unit Components & Vacuum Technology



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