BCT CenterPoint allows Microsoft SharePoint users a simple and fast access to drawing and product data.

Via a Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server (MOSS) web client a non-redundant, simple and above all secure access to product development data is granted to all company areas involved in the product development process.

The primary advantages are the fast access even in slow networks as well as the flexible allocation of access rights. This is an important issue when it comes to protecting intelectual property when collaborating with other locations. In this way not only product development teams but especially downstream companies can access structured product and drawing information in their accustomed manner in a very user friendly way without any additional training effort.

Thumbnails (similar to Google Image Search) provide a fast overview of the search results. An integrated viewer for TIFF data, the display of PDF documents and the fact that the data is not cached on the local system, make this solution despite the high data security extremely user friendly.


  • Capturing of existing company knowledge through linkage of existing applications and systems
  • Data access without special expertise
  • Usage of modern webservice technology allows minimized installation effort
  • Multitude of helpful webparts, e.g. display of meta data from Teamcenter (item lists/BOM), display of PDF / office documents
  • Authorization controlled access in PLM context
  • Possbility of further processing, e.g. sending via email