Data quality is an important factor for the successful use of Teamcenter Workflows. To ensure high data quality in the PLM process, the early detection of data and consistency errors is essential. In addition, this approach avoids time-consuming corrections that occur later in the product development process. With the help of our BCT CheckIt solution, you can also introduce this approach in your company.

The simple integration into existing approval processes and a pre-validation by the user enable a flexible use of BCT CheckIt. For example, the add-on can be integrated as a check when synchronizing with an ERP system. Freely definable checks in the assembly context and the possibility of defining mandatory fields or dependencies make the validation usable for different areas.

To use BCT CheckIt, the user does not need in-depth knowledge of the Teamcenter data model.

Advantages with BCT CheckIt

Easy Validations

Easy but powerful tool to check data in Teamcenter using validation rules.

Efficient Workflow Processes

Higher efficiency by avoiding workflow interruptions and costly corrections during the process.

Increased Data Quality

The identification of data and consistency errors in Teamcenter increases data quality.

Reduction of Support Requests

Support requests are reduced due to the optimized process of the Teamcenter workflows.

Cost Reduction

Follow-up costs at later points in time are avoided by early detection of errors.

Optimization of Process Quality

The entire process quality of the company is optimized by the increased data quality.

Typical use cases

  • Are components checked out or already in the process?
  • Are all translations available?
  • Check if required articles/revision attributes are filled in
  • Check if relevant documents/drawings are available
  • Are all mandatory fields filled out?
  • Check attributes for consistency and format definitions
  • Check whether the item numbers for the same articles within an assembly are identical
  • Are the relevant data for the catalog filled in (e.g. translations)?
  • Are the relevant drawings for the catalog available?
  • Were NX Check-Mate checks performed?
  • Are the NX Check-Mate validations up-to-date?

Features BCT CheckIt

Centralized rule configuration

The check rules can be created by the administrator in the intuitive web interface, without XML configuration.

Individual notification messages

Each test rule can be assigned individual warning messages that provide the user with comprehensible information.


Through the reusability of already created checks, actions and sets, existing validations can be adapted and new ones can be created.

Triggering actions

When configuring the validations, it is possible to store actions that are automatically triggered when the check is completed.

Interactive test reports

After the execution of a validation the user receives a test report, which offers the possibility to navigate to faulty objects.


The BCT CheckIt rules can be adapted individually to the requirements of the company.


Preventing data-related workflow interruptions in Teamcenter.


Green light for processes: Early validation avoids unnecessary process cycles


BCT CheckIt used by Henny Penny Corporation, Bausch + Ströbel & DOLL Fahrzeugbau


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Bausch + Ströbel Maschinenfabrik GmbH + Co. KG

"BCT CheckIt allows an easy and flexible validation of extensive assembly structures on plausibility and completeness of metadata, BOM structures, classification and change information and creates the conditions for a smooth further processing in subsequent processes."

Tobias Hörner
Gruppenleiter EDV Organisation - Systeme Produktentstehung, Applikationen

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