The integration of product lifecycle management (PLM) into a company's processes includes the linking of product data with order processing data. Although financial and design information is concerned with different key aspects of a company, smooth communication between these is important for the company`s overall success. BCT ERP-Connect is the link between the technical world of PDM and the commercial ERP data and it provides a reliable, secure and practical interface.

The advantage of BCT ERP-Connect is the standardized and open communication structure between the two systems. Both systems can use this interface to exchange bidirectional product and part status information. This ensures, that required information is available company wide in real time. Having this standard interface means that the complexity of a direct integration is avoided which provides shorter implementation time and minimized risks for updates to either system.


  • Bi-directional exchange of Teamcenter objects (items, BOMs, documents, characteristics, etc.)
  • No redundant data management in ERP and PLM system
  • Data access from other systems, without having to have knowledge of those systems
  • System updates are independently possible
  • Upgradeable for any other ERP systems via plug-in mechanism
  • Data transfer based on schedule/time or workflow
  • Support of different integration technologies: XML, SQL, Webservice, etc

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