In the product development process large amounts of different data is generated, that are important for quality management as they contain basic knowledge for the persistant improvement of product and process quality. These again are decisive issues for the competitiveness, the success and the future of a company.

BCT Inspector is a tool that facilitates the extraction of valuable knowledge from virtual product development with NX and - through the integration with PLM - provide them throughout the company and directly integrate it into quality management processes. BCT Inspector reduces e.g. the effort of inspection report generation verifiably by approximately 50%. The fault susceptibility of the entire process is reduced by a double-digit rate through the unique identification of characteristics and the transparency in change history. The integration of both 2D data and 3D model information allows a smooth migration without data loss from a drawing oriented working to a future completely 3D model oriented data processing for quality management.

BCT Inspector also in connection with IBS QMS

To carry out the inspection planning in IBS QMS, the characteristic data or "requirements" from the 3D model must be known. BCT Inspector can transfer this information to IBS QMS, where they can be used for effective quality management. Learn more...