In the product development process, a multitude of different data is generated, which are important for quality management, because they contain elementary knowledge for the continuous improvement of product and process quality. These, in turn, are decisive key points for the competitiveness, success and therefore the future of a company.

BCT Inspector is a tool that facilitates the extraction of valuable knowledge from virtual product development with NX and - through the integration with PLM - provide them throughout the company and directly integrate it into quality management processes. BCT Inspector reduces e.g. the effort of inspection report generation verifiably by approximately 50% and increases the successful change identification to more than 90%.

The susceptibility to errors in the overall process is reduced by a double-digit rate through the unique identification of characteristics and the transparency in change history. The integration of both 2D data and 3D model information allows a smooth migration without data loss from a drawing oriented working to a future completely 3D model oriented data processing for quality management.

BCT Inspector in combination with Siemens Opcenter Quality and Teamcenter Quality

To be able to perform the inspection planning with the quality management software Opcenter Quality or Teamcenter Quality from Siemens, the characteristic data or requirements from the 3D model must be known. These can be transferred by BCT Inspector to the Siemens software where they can be used for an effective quality management.

Advantages with BCT Inspector

Reduced Workload

Since theprocess of balloning is automated, time-consuming manual activities are no longer necessary, which results in a faster time-to-market.

Clear Traceability

The unique stamping of each feature throughout its lifecycle and the change tracking feature make it possible to identify changes at a glance.

Reduction of Error Costs

The prevention of errors already begins with the product development. Through this early identification high expenses for errors are avoided.

Improved Collaboration

The access to the current revision history across departments greatly enhances and thus optimizes cooperation.

Features of the BCT Inspector

Supplier Integration

Unique characteristic numbers throughout the lifecycle of a part support the collaboration between OEM and suppliers.

NX CMM Inspection

With BCT Inspector, drawing information and standard tolerances stored during virtual measurement programming can be used.

Identification of changes

Changes in drawings and models are automatically identified and can be displayed in both graphical and tabular comparison.

Creation of reports

The creation of customer-specific reports and initial sample inspection reports as well as the complete generation of change reports are enabled.

Ballooning of characteristics

Automatic ballooning of neutral data such as PDF or TIFF, CAD models and drawing or JT-PMI models based on the stored industry standards.


Quality - No IFs, no BUTs Process-consistent quality saves time and money.


BCT Inspector in use by Jos. Schneider Optische Werke GmbH and Siemens Mobility

Info Material

Learn more about the topics inspection reports and change identification.


The savings potential at a glance

Traceability and documentation of design changes
Number of changes in existing models/drawings per month 200 200 pcs.
Time effort for documentation of all changes per month 1 2 hrs.
Hourly wage 60 60 USD/hour
Costs per year 144.000.- 288.000,- USD
Percentage savings potential 70% 70% percent
Resulting savings potential per year 108.800,- 201.600,- USD


Jos. Schneider Optische Werke GmbH

"By automating the extraction and stamping process, we save up to 50 percent of the time needed to create the inspection plans."

Christoph Ackermann, Design Engineer in R&D

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