BCT TC Toolbox is a collection of solution modules for reproducing customer processes. The BCT TC Toolbox contains different components that support Teamcenter users in different use situations when working with Teamcenter.


  • Through well engineered standard components your Teamcenter environment can be customized to your needs
  • Avoding of programming effort through customizable extensions
  • Simplification of release change though maintenance provided by BCT for the last three Teamcenter releases
  • No purchase costs, only maintenance fee


  • BCT Workflow Components: different handler for Teamcenter Workflows
  • BCT Command Line Tools: utilities for the Teamcenter Administrator
  • BCT Reports: generation of reports
  • BCT Dispatcher Module: generation of neutral formats from Teamcenter
  • Splitting or combining of Teamcenter attributes
  • Combining item types across attributes
  • Mapping of attribute values to any values in any combinations
  • Simple and flexible customizable runtime properties with XML files
  • Customer-specific actions when saving or revisioning parts
  • Call out of various workflows for Revise or SaveAs
  • Simple integration before or after Revise or SaveAs operation
  • Assembly weight or quantity calculation
  • Building of sums over any Teamcenter attributes in the BOM
  • Usage in PSE or in workflow

Check of mandatory fields in workflow

  • Clearing or filling of attributes with default values
  • Configuration and usage in workflow
  • Change document enhancement for Teamcenter
  • Usage of templates for documentation of changes
  • Flexible usage for saving and revisioning of parts
  • Starts a workflow for an assigned item or a csv list of items
  • Workflow name and load options for assemblies can be specified
  • Executes any saved search query in Teamcenter with search criteria provided
  • Search result is provided in a csv spreadsheet
  • For each search match all input fields of the search query are entered into the csv spreadsheet
  • Generation of reports from Teamcenter
  • Existing templates can be integrated and used
  • Customer-specific reports can individually configured
  • Usage of load options and revision history to reproduce delivery conditions
  • Integration into workflow and plot process
  • Optional import of generated reports to Teamcenter
  • Optional wizard to simplify working steps to a minimum
  • Generation of neutral formats for CAD drawings (PDF/TIF)
  • Interactive via Teamcenter Dispatcher Rich Client or in workflows viaBCT Dispatcher Handler
  • Supported formats:
    • Solid Edge: se2pdf, se2tif
    • NX: nx2pdf, nx2tif
    • ME10: mi2pdf, mi2tif
  • Update of Teamcenter attributes in drawing title block
  • Searchable PDFs (Text als Text)
  • Optional generation of coloured or monochrome PDFs/TIFs
  • Available for Teamcenter UA 8.1 and higher

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