With early detection - prior to release - of data and consistency errors, improved data quality can be achieved in the product development process and unnecessary revisions can be avoided.

Validation of design data by the designer prior to release or as part of a release process provides both automatic and flexible verification of the design content. BCT CheckIt can also be used to control the synchronization with an ERP system. Configurable checkings of assemblies context and the possibility to define required fields and dependencies increase the power of the validation.

Typical items that can be validated:

  • Are the mandatory fields completed?
  • Do all values follow their required formats?
  • (e.g. only positive values, correct date formats, integer numbers)
  • On an attribute depend other attributes. Are these filled adequately?
  • Have all BOM custom fields, e.g. spare part flag, been filled according to specification?
  • Are documents and datasets available and checked in?




  • Assurance of product data quality in Teamcenter
  • Simple user interface to check pre-defined rules (approx. 20 pre-defined check rules)
  • Integration of check rules in workflows, processes
  • Control of actions after not successful check, e.g. start of a workflow email notification
  • Check rules can be defined for users/groups/roles
  • Assignment of check rules across multi-site locations




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Green Light for Processes
Green Light For Processes

Early Validation Avoids Unnecessary Process Cycles

Rule-based validation of PLM data, Result-based automation of PLM workflows, More flexible and efficient PLM processes


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"BCT CheckIt allows an easy and flexible validation of extensive assembly structures on plausibility and completeness of metadata, BOM structures, classification and change information and creates the conditions for a smooth further processing in subsequent processes."

Tobias Hörner
Gruppenleiter EDV Organisation - Systeme Produktentstehung, Applikationen