To reduce costs and pursue global markets, leading companies are increasingly dispersing engineering, design and manufacturing, as well as marketing, sales and service activities. Your work functions are no longer limited by organizational, geographic, cultural or time barriers – instead, you’re doing the work where it can be done most effectively.

With teams co-located around the world, it’s a challenge for you to keep team members in sync with one another. People need up-to-date information to make decisions, and you need to strike the right balance between the needs of the team and the needs of the enterprise.

Teamcenter’s capabilities for community collaboration provide a platform for sharing information and working together across the product lifecycle. Real-time collaboration and application sharing create an environment for product and process information to be quickly communicated among all key participants in your product lifecycle. You can eliminate barriers between functional groups and securely integrate product lifecycle management (PLM) data from many different sources into one easy-to-use interface.

By breaking down the time, distance and cultural barriers with real-time collaboration and application sharing, your teams can work together more effectively to drive program and product success.

Simple, secure and efficient data exchange with suppliers

Data exchange with suppliers is significantly simplified and improved with the new Supplier Briefcase Browser from Siemens PLM Software. It adresses typical use cases, e.g. a partner without Teamcenter has to modify or add a part in a NX assembly provided by the OEM.

Briefcase Browser is a simple to use tool for OEMs (sender) and their suppliers (recipients) for exchanging design data, even if the supplier does not use Teamcenter. The Briefcase application is available for Teamcenter version 10.x or higher.

Briefcase Browser is a desktop application that allows the display of items and product structures including their attachements and properties. JT files can be viewed in a CAD-neutral JT viewer and other documents e.g. MS Office can be opened with the according authoring system. NX models can be opened and edited directly in NX and sent back to the OEM and added to Teamcenter. Data changes (BOM structure, NX models, etc) can be visualized in Teamcenter and NX. Management tasks such as ownership transfers, access rights and allocation of numbers are also supported. To ensure data quality NX Checkmate can be used.

The data exchange itself can be made via email, ftp transfer, B2B integration solutions or an associated supplier management system.




  • OEMs can efficiently exchange design data with suppliers that are provided in a Briefcase Package
  • Fast connection of suppliers for design data exchange to minimize processing and cycle times
  • A simple installation and a lean application decrease the costs for suppliers
  • Reduces administration efforts for OEMs due to automated imports and exports
  • Usage of proven tools for the Teamcenter Interface (tcxml, NX Clone, Check-out/in to Site)

Read our article about Teamcenter Briefcase Browser.



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