With the Teamcenter® software solution you can automate every PLM process in your company. It enables you to map both simple and complex processes using the workflow functionality. For example, you can define change processes, release processes, transfer to ERP systems and more using standard process templates. This approach makes it easier to enforce best practices and avoid errors. However, for the processes to run smoothly, a sufficiently good data quality is required.

Issues associated with Teamcenter Workflows

  • Interruptions due to missing and/pr incorrect meta data:
  • The workflow cannot be reset by the user and is no longer accessible
  • Only the administrator has the permission to delete, continue or reset the workflow
  • Time-consuming and repetitive procedures for designers due to subsequent workflow crashes.

Advantages when working with Teamcenter Workflows

More efficiency

By automating workflows, the efficiency of business processes is increased.

Optimized control

The use of standardized working methods optimizes process control.

Increased flexibility

Due to the computer modeled processes, adjustments can be made faster.

Focus on

Focus on business processes leads to continuous optimization.

Error-free workflow runs in Teamcenter

In order to use the advantages of Teamcenter workflows as efficiently as possible, it is necessary to overcome the challenges that arise and their consequences. We have developed a solution approach for this. This approach ensures data quality in the run-up to the start of the workflow and thus avoids interruptions in the actual workflow process. This approach ensures that the user or administrator does not have to carry out time-consuming rework.

With the help of our Teamcenter Add-On BCT CheckIt we offer you an established solution where the data quality can already be ensured before the start of the workflow process by means of checking rules. Due to the easy usability of the application, the user is able to perform e.g. bill of material checks quickly and effectively even without detailed knowledge of the Teamcenter data model.


Preventing data-related workflow interruptions in Teamcenter Watch webinar


Green Light for Processes: Early Validation Avoids Unnecessary Process Cycles

Case Study

Henny Penny Corporation optimizes Teamcenter Workflows with BCT CheckIt

BCT CheckIt

Learn more about our Teamcenter add-on and optimized workflows.


Bausch + Ströbel Maschinenfabrik GmbH + Co. KG

"BCT CheckIt allows an easy and flexible validation of extensive assembly structures on plausibility and completeness of metadata, BOM structures, classification and change information and creates the conditions for a smooth further processing in subsequent processes."

Tobias Hörner
Gruppenleiter EDV Organisation - Systeme Produktentstehung, Applikationen


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