A common language is the basis of any civilization. For only this allows a smooth exchange of knowledge and information, from which all members of a civilization can equally benefit.

This applies not only to civilizations but for any form of social unity - e.g. a company. Especially in the manufacturing industry huge amounts of product information is created that is equally important to all employees. The warehouse manager must be as aware of the dimensions of a new component as the logistics expert or the customer service.

But a frequent issue is that the different departments use different applications. Often the systems are not compatible, and an information exchange complicated or not possible. Or data such as design drawings are available in old formats that can not be used with the new applications.

A restrained information flow can lead to considerable disadvantages. Especially when a company wants to implemtn a product lifecycle strategy which implies a simple and fast access to relevant data. BCT supports you with the information logistics and system integration with customized IT solutions and expert consulting.



Intelligent Reporting for



Error-free Teamcenter workflows...



Analyses of metadata based on full text search...


Raster data

Transfer of raster drawings to Teamcenter or NX..


TC Tools

Collection of different Tools for Teamcenter...


TC Accesss

Teamcenter Access for Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server user...

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