The integration of mechanical, electrical and electronical components as well as software is mandatory for today's products - irrespective if vehicle, household appliances or machines.

The manufacturers in aerospace, automotive, electronics, industrial machinery and medical devices face the challenge to shift their development processes to methods that support collaboration between disciplines. The merging and audit-proof management of product information between the involved departments is necessary when it comes to manufacture innovative, high-quality products on time and within the given cost frame.

Thus the development processes and lifecycles are different in each design department, they are still interdependent:

  • Mechanical components restrain the design of electronics and electrical connections in many ways
  • Electronic subsystems require the collaboration and optimization in many areas, from purchasing to design to manufacturing, the environmental constraints must be considered as they effect the recycling of the product
  • Software modules have a rather short lifecycle with short development cycles that allow regular product updates that need embedded software to be traceable and manageable as a "part".
  • Flexible electric connections are necessary for the communication between software modules and electronic subsystems and used in several product configurations and platforms

All these different data types and their change processes must be managed and replaced - and not only withing the own company but whith suppliers all over the world. The necessity for a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) soars skyward.




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