Modern information technology has changed everday life drastically. Where in the past the drawing board prevailed, computer aided design solutions are in use. Information is no longer collected in binders but in files on the computer.

Still, printed documents and drawings play an important role. Occasionally production plans of complete assemblies are need in paper form. Also legal requirements demand physical documentaton in many cases.

Printing can often be very tedious, as such datasets often comprise many single documents. First, all required data must be collected. Secondly, printing may take a long time. Also, companies often face challenges in the making of catalogs. At the same time various studies and analysis have ascertained that many companies, especially in the service and spare part business, still have tremendous growth potential.

With modern tools reports, catalogs and documentcollections can be created quickly and reliably. This saves time, money and opens new sources of revenue.


The creation of catalogs, reports or lists with special tools has many advantages. First, the search for information is significantly shorter when the application extracts the data from a PDM or CDA system automatically. This saves time, that employees can use for other tasks. Second, possible changes are made in a centralized data source and inconsistencies in documents are practically impossible. Thus, time-consuming post controlls are omitted.

Third, a program allows a time control of the printing process itself. Especially when printing very extensive documents the optimum utilization of printer capacities are achieved. And cheaper off-peak electricity can be used at the same time. Many companies of the manufacturing industry still have growth potential in the service and spare part business. Prerequisite are easy to use catalogs, that significantly simplify the order process for customers. The time saved and the expected increase of revenue companies can use for research, to secure and extend their market position with innovations.



BCT EasyPlot

Fast and easy plotting of all documents in the context of complete assembly and product structures...

BCT TechDoc

Generation of interactive spare part catalogs in the Teamcenter environment...

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