Manual processes are time-consuming and old a serious risk of errors. It cannot be denied that one of them is the tracking of design changes: a manual, tedious and error prone venture. 

Insufficiently documented change descriptions can cuase an increased time effort and many repeated queries.

Fast and precise identification and verification as well as accurate revision history are of major importance in the change management process in the manufacturing industry. Avoiding missed items and mistakes can achieve significant savings of time, money and sometimes even trouble.


  • Elimination of error-prone manual activities for stamping and characteristics extraction
  • Unique characteristics numbers over the complete lifecycle of a component supports the collaboration between OEM and suppliers
  • 100% control over all design changes 
  • Clear graphical and spreadsheet identification of the single changed characteristics
  • Flagging of changed elements to notify downstream processes of the changes done
  • Change documentation at the push of a button

  • "On demand" comparison with always up-to-date data, no redundant data saving
  • Complete change history through saving of inspection data directly in the model or in a project file
  • Clear traceability and access to up-to-date revision history for a wide circle of users in design, quality management, supplier chain, manufacturing
  • Reduces time effort for change verification by 70% and more
  • Reduces recurring queries and questions
  • Avoids failure costs in downstream processes

BCT Inspector also in connection with IBS QMS

To carry out the inspection planning in IBS QMS, the characteristic data or "requirements" from the 3D model must be known. BCT Inspector can transfer this information to IBS QMS, where they can be used for effective quality management. Learn more...




BCT CheckIt

Early detection of data and consistency errors...

BCT Inspector

Extraction of valuable knowledge from virtual product development...

BCT 3D-Raster

Transfer of raster drawings to Teamcenter or NX...

Quality - No IFs, no BUTs

Process-consistent quality saves time and money. Ensuring product quality is a concern of all employees of an organization.

Inspection Reports

Complete design change history through characteristics, saved directly in the model or project file.

Change Identification

Fast and precise identification and verification as well as clear revision history are paramount in change processes of the manufacturing industry.

Collaboration OEM and Supplier

The biggest cost savings can be achieved, when OEMs and suppliers collaborate to develop new technologies, processes and product applications.

Connection to CMMs

Automatic extraction of characteristics from drawings and PMI models and conversion to CMM tolerance operations for CMMs.

IBS QMS Software

Holistic Optimization of your Product Lifecycle using IBS QMS Software from Siemens...


Possible Savings - A sample calculation

Traceability and documentation of design changes

Number of changes in existing models/drawings per month 200 200 pcs.
Time effort for documentation of all changes per month 1 2 hrs.
Hourly wage 60 60 USD/hour
Costs per year 144,000 288,000 USD
Percentage savings potential 70% 70% percent
Resulting savings potential per year 108,800 201,600 EUR

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