Where complex products and systems are designed it is very important that customer and supplier have a common understanding of the system to be designed. The resulting documents serve as a contractual basis for the upcoming realization.

With Teamcenter Requirements Management Siemens PLM provides a solution that ensures that the customer specific requirements are  transparenct and understandable at any stage of the product development process for all parties involved.

Capturing and structuring of specifications, including all requirements, has first priority. Thanks to the live processing with Microsoft Word 2010 it is regardless whether you want to import a pre-designed structure of to build a new specification in Teamcenter. You are free to choose your working method, there are no restraints. You can edit the structure further on with Microsoft Word:

  • add additional requirements
  • edit requirements
  • modify structure
  • add sticky notes

Despite the fact, that modifications are made in the familiar environment with Microsoft Word, the structure of the specification is stored in the secure and controlled Teamcenter environment. That means that you always have an overview:

  • which requirement is responsible for which product
  • where is which requirement used multiple times
  • release status of the requirements
  • creation of functionality descriptions with integrated Visio diagrams
  • target budget defintion objects (weight, costs, performance, time)
  • Mathlab integration
  • etc.

In any case it is alos possible to send from the system a specification to the customer. Customizable export templates are available that can generate a requirements structure or a report of a requirement structure.

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