«80% of Product Innovation and Differentiation is now Electrical, Electronics and Software. Not Mechanics.»

Siegmar Haasis, CIO R&D Daimler AG

The share of software in machines and products is gaining in importance, as it paves the way for entirely new solutions and business models.

However, the growing complexity also leads to an increasing risk of errors.
This is precisely the point, where Polarion ALM comes into play.

The software solution keeps all participants in the product development process up-to-date, with the goal of developing a successful product.


Polarion ALM is the first comprehensive solution for application lifecycle management and is used by leading companies since 2005. The software solution keeps all participants in the product development process up-to-date, with the goal of developing a successful product.

This makes it possible to master regulatory challenges very simply and ensures collaboration during the entire product development process.

Live reports, at any time, provide a transparent view on the current state of the development. By the traceability – down to the source code level, Polarion ALM also demonstrates how requirements are actually implemented in the software.

Through flexible workflows, it becomes possible to automate any routing activities. The system supports any methodology, whether V-model, Kanban or Agile, as well as the following rules:

A crucial advantage of the solution is its simple web interface without need of additional software installations. Thus, Polarion ALM can be rolled out in a very short time and established as a central element in the product development process.

"Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is not a product, but a process," explains industry analyst Ovum in his report about Software Lifecycle Management.

Ovum then defines ALM as the process by which companies in information technology (IT) and software development create, provide and operate their software throughout the entire lifecycle.


Since software and product development are very different disciplines, there is no way to use only PLM or ALM in systems engineering.

Therefore, PLM and ALM must be integrated so that all disciplines and all design and engineering processes can share and connect product and software requirements. Also read our whitepaper...



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Polarion at BCT

As a developer of high-quality add-ons for Siemens software, we know the challenges of software development.

This is why we successfully use Polarion ALM ourselves, which makes the daily development work much easier.

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