The certificate number is written on an extra sheet of paper in the BCT software package.

It is also saved in the license file. Just open the file e.g. bctv170.dat (170 = UG V17) with an text editor and look for something like "VENDOR_STRING=??-??????????"

BCT Products need an environment variable "BCT_EOMS_DIR" that refers to the installation directory. This directory contains a subdirectory called "bct_def", that contains the startfiles: eoms_set.cmd (Windows) and (Unix). The variable "BCT_LICENSE_FILE" defines the path to the license file.

Node locked licenses (Cert No. NC-??????????) are only available on one specific CAD workstation. The software is locked to this machine by the LAN-ID of the network card.

Floating licenses (Cert No. FC-??????????) are available on multiple CAD workstations via license server. BCT Software checks if there are at the moment free licenses available on the server. The software is locked to the server name and LAN-ID of the network card.

The physical network address is worldwide unique and is required for the generation of your specific license file.

Please separate the single adresses of the server with a semicolon.

As soon as you enter the LAN ID, we will bundle all the certificates of this computer to a single license file.

Network Address:

Start a Microsoft DOS command prompt (Start -->Program --> Command Prompt) and type

ipconfig -all [ENTER] 

You will get the following output:


In this example the MAC Adress is: 00-60-B0-B5-EE-EB.

Please note this address, it is requiered for the generation of the license file.

Note: With Windows 2000 it might happen, that this value is not determined this way. It happens when your computer is not connected to the network. To determine the address in this case you must do an entry in the registry.


This step should be done exclusively by an experienced system user, since changes in the registry can cause gross errors.


Level (generate if not exiting)


add the following key


with the parameters

Data Type: REG_DWORD - Boolean

Value Data Range: 0

BCT offers a tool to identify your network address. You can find the tool in the bct_eoms directory.

Operating system






Operating system



#echo `uname -i` 16o p | dc



Please note, that the character after "16" is a lower case "o".


# hostid



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