In times of globally networked enterprises and decentralized working teams, security and protection of intellectual property plays an important role.

In order to protect your valuable product information, Teamcenter provides a powerful access control, which ensures that only authorized groups and individuals gain access to the data.

Besides, using the Teamcenter Audit Manager actual accesses can be logged. So at any time it can be retracted which user has accessed a particular file.

Access control with BCT EasyPlot

With the PDM Add-On "BCT EasyPlot" drawings can be exported from complete assemblies or be sent to a local printer in just a few steps. Various search options provide users with a friendly interface and enable them to find the documents quickly and easily.

BCT EasyPlot supports the Teamcenter Access Control.

Therefore, BCT EasyPlot also considers the "Batch Print" - privilege of Teamcenter. If a user has not been granted this privilege for a document, viewing and local printing of the document is prevented and thumbnails are displayed with a watermark.

All accesses to documents and drawings automatically can be logged by BCT EasyPlot, creating audit log objects which make it possible to generate audit reports.

The following activities can be logged:

  • PREVIEW: Displaying in preview view or thumbnail preview
  • VIEW: Displaying with an external viewer
  • LOCAL_PRINT: Printing from local Windows printer
  • PRINT: Printing from BCT EasyPlot server
  • EXPORT: File is exported from BCT EasyPlot clipboard

The following features are logged: user, date, time, object ID, object name, item revision, object type, and additionally configured properties.

Various functions also can be hidden group-dependent. Hereby, for example it can be controlled, for which groups the export function is possible.

Questions on BCT EasyPlot?

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