Change processes, approval processes, transfer to ERP systems and many other processes in the company are mapped in Teamcenter with the workflow functionality.

With this function, processes can be standardized and automated.
However, to ensure that processes run properly, a sufficient data quality is required.

Problems associated with Teamcenter workflows:

  • Interruptions due to missing and / or incorrect metadata
  • The workflow can not be reset by the user and is no longer processable for him
  • Only the administrator has the permission to delete, continue or reset the workflow
  • Time-consuming and repetitive procedures for designers due to the crashes in the workflow´s subsequent course

The solution: BCT CheckIt to ensure accurate workflow cycles in Teamcenter

Via early detection - even before the release - of data and consistency errors in the product development cycle, improved data quality can be achieved and unnecessary revisions can be avoided.
As a Teamcenter plug-in, BCT CheckIt provides the Teamcenter users with the option of flexible data checks which are fast and easy to perform. Due to its ease of use, even without detailed knowledge of the Teamcenter data model, BOM checks can be carried out quickly and effectively, for example.
An interactive check protocol provides the user with information on the check results. After a successful check, a Teamcenter workflow can be started automatically.
As an alternative to the interactive check, BCT CheckIt checks can be integrated as a workflow handler into existing Teamcenter workflows.
Standard check rules enable a quick implementation. Company-specific rules can be added and adjusted easily by a Teamcenter administrator.

What our customers say

“With BCT CheckIt a product has been developed that enables the user at any time to recursive check complex assemblies on plausibility and completeness of attributes, characteristics, classification and change information.”

Michael Pratz, Head of data handling /
organization / technical department

Bausch + Ströbel Maschinenfabrik GmbH + Co. KG

BCT CheckIt


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