The quality of products and processes throughout the product lifecycle is a prerequisite for achieving company goals. Quality largely determines the competitiveness of all manufacturers, and high quality standards require integration of quality processes in all manufacturing companies.

IBS QMS from Siemens PLM Software supports you at every stage of the product lifecycle, from product ideation, through realization to the aftersales process.

Transferring requirements to IBS QMS

To carry out the inspection planning in IBS QMS, the characteristic data or "requirements" of the part must be known.

Often, the characteristics are entered manually into the IBS QMS module for inspection planning. However, this means an additional time expenditure, which is also very error-prone.

BCT Inspector provides you with a tool that facilitates the extraction of valuable knowledge from virtual product development and directly integrate it into quality management processes.

Using BCT Inspector, you can easily transfer the requirements to IBS QMS, where they can be used for effective quality management.

This is how it works:

The tool identifies, labels and extracts (critical) characteristics, giving them unique characteristic identifiers over the lifecycle.

To use this information in IBS QMS, the responsible person for inspection planning opens the generated project file with BCT Inspector.

Now inspection planning already can be started by filtering only interesting, for example critical, measures. These can then be sent at the push of a button to IBS QMS for inspection planning.

In further revisions, BCT Inspector updates the ballooned features. By transferring the information to IBS QMS, existing inspection plans also are updated.


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