The new version v17.0 of the BCT add-ons is available since October.

For the first time, the PDM software tools will support working with Teamcenter Active Workspace.

With the Teamcenter-Client you can provide company-wide all data from your PLM system. It helps you make smarter decisions, taking into account all necessary information, faster and easier than ever before.

In this article we present the new features of the PDM add-ons associated with Active Workspace:

Data validation with BCT CheckIt in Teamcenter Active Workspace

Change processes, approval processes, transfer to ERP systems and many other processes in the company are mapped in Teamcenter with the workflow functionality. With this function, processes can be standardized and automated. In spite of using PLM, consistency and quality of data is often still far from satisfactory.

Troubleshooting requires a lot of time effort from administrators and users. Workflow abortions lead to process delays which adversely affect project terms and delivery times. Missing or incorrect product information can cause problems, e.g. ordering or manufacturing of parts based on obsolete revisions.

Via early detection - even before the release - of data and consistency errors, improved data quality can be achieved in the product development process and unnecessary revisions can be avoided.

As a Teamcenter plug-in, BCT CheckIt provides the Teamcenter users with the option of flexible data checks which are fast and easy to perform. The verification can cover various criteria, e.g.:

  • Are all mandatory fields filled out?
  • Do the entered values meet the format specifications?
  • Are the dependent attributes correct?

Since the version 17.0 there now is an integration of BCT CheckIt in Active Workspace.

For multiple selected objects in Active Workspace, a BCT CheckIt check can be started. The check is started via an additional button in the Active Workspace toolbar.

BCT CheckIt can check single components as well as entire assemblies. The results are displayed in a check report. In context of an assembly the check results are visible according to the current level of the assembly structure.

BCT CheckIt with Teamcenter Active Workspace

Starting BCT EasyPlot print jobs in Teamcenter Active Workspace

The demand-driven supply of documents and drawings throughout the company process is still an important issue for all company departments involved as well as for customers and suppliers.

The powerful plot management solution BCT EasyPlot allows a fast and easy plotting of all documents in the context of complete assembly and product structures. The full integration into Teamcenter allows a consistent user guidance and ensures a transparent and PLM system oriented access to required revisions.

Since version 17.0 there is an integration of BCT EasyPlot in Active Workspace.
Multiple objects can be selected to be printed via BCT EasyPlot Server. These objects could be items, item revisions or datasets. BCT EasyPlot printing function is started via an additional button in Active Workspace.

BCT EasyPlot with Teamcenter Active Workspace

Easy comparison of drawings with BCT Inspector in Teamcenter Active Workspace

Rapid and accurate identification and traceability of design changes are of major importance in the change management process of the manufacturing industry.

The Quality Management Tool BCT Inspector provides (amongst others) an intelligent comparison of drawings, models and characteristic lists.

As of version 17.0, there now is an integration of the BCT Inspector drawing comparison in Active Workspace.

With the BCT Inspector Revision Compare the previous revision of a TIF- or PDF dataset with multiple pages can be compared to the selected revision. The Drawing Compare can be started via a button in Active Workspace.

  • Automated graphical comparison of drawing revisions in Active Workspace
  • Easy identification of deleted, added and changed areas on drawings
  • Highlighting of changes
  • Applicable in any drawing revisions in Active Workspace

Comparison of drawings with BCT Inspector in Teamcenter Active Workspace


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