The new version v17.0 of the BCT add-ons is available since October 2016.

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Revision Compare in Teamcenter Active Workspace

  • Selected revision with a TIF or PDF drawing can be compared to the previous revision
  • The revision compare will be started via an additional button in the graphical interface of the AWC
  • In the merged view of the two drawings the changes between the revisions can be seen
  • For more details the displayed drawings can be zoomed in simultaneously
BCT Inspector v17.0

Reactivating CN which is marked as deleted

  • Marked as deleted characteristics in the spreadsheet can be reactivated
  • If a drawing object has been deleted and re-placed by another drawing object, the user can select the new object during the reactivation process
  • BCT Inspector ensures that only objects of the same type can be attached to the characteristic

FLLs will be displayed as additional separate lines in the spreadsheet

  • Feature Location Label (FLL) will now be displayed as additional separate lines with the same characteristic number in the spreadsheet
  • During an update of the spreadsheet possible changes will also be applied to Feature Location Label

Link Feature Control Frames to related dimensions

  • Feature Control Frames (FCF) can be linked to their related characteristics (e.g. basic dimensions)
  • The referenced characteristics will be ballooned as sub numbers (sub CNs) of the associated FCF and added into the spreadsheet

Displaying the currently used default tolerance table in the status bar

  • Status bar of the BCT Inspector shows the name of the currently selected default tolerance table
  • Default tolerance table can be easily changed via right mouse button click

Changing characteristic number subsequently

  • A characteristic number can be changed subsequently via the context menu entry “Rename”
  • After the new characteristic number has been assigned to the selected characteristic, a newly created characteristic will be able to use the old characteristic number
  • If a characteristic has child characteristics, the numbers of the child characteristics will also be changed

BCT CheckIt Post-Plugins

  • Post-Plugins one or multiple CheckItPostPlugins can be executed after running the BCT CheckIt-checks
  • All successfully checked objects will be transferred to the plugin
  • The plugin can be executed once only per check or multiple times for each selected object

BCT CheckIt Rules for checking selected elements

  • The new BCT CheckIt Rule “selectedObjectsAttributeCheck” checks if the attributes of all selected objects are valid to the specified value
  • The BCT CheckIt Rule “selectedObjectsAttributeCheck” checks if the attributes of all selected objects have the same value

Integration of BCT CheckIt in Teamcenter Active Workspace

  • For multiple selected objects in the AWC a BCT CheckIt-check can be started
  • Single parts and assemblies are supported
  • Assemblies will be completely checked with all their sub elements
  • Checking can be started via an additional button in the toolbar of the AWC
  • “Check Report” can be shown in AWC
BCT CheckIt v17.0

Library Management with Teamcenter 11.2

There is a problem if only subsets of data are required and approved for specific projects or tasks.

  • User still has access to other data irrelevant to his specific task
  • Using Teamcenter access control provides a partial solution only

The Library Management capability provides a solution to address the problem above:

  • Project or task based organization of reusable data
  • Based on classification data with the aid of rules
  • Reuse existing data from classification
Teamcenter Library and Specification


New functions in context of Library and Specification in BCT aClass:

  • Activating respectively deactivating the Library & Specification features
  • Support for Teamcenter item attributes in the BCT aClass library node search fields
  • Browsing through library nodes in the graphical user interface
  • Library node documentation
  • Switching between libraries
  • Search for a class or library node
  • Deleting an instance will also delete linked library elements 
  • Display of the count of the contained elements in library nodes
BCT aClass v17.0

Expand class- or library tree with a single click

  • It can be set now that a group or a class in the class tree can be expanded with a single mouse click, respectively via the arrow keys “up” or “down”
  • Alternatively the class tree can be expanded via double click or via the arrow key to the right

Classifying and adding of Solid Edge features

  • BCT aClass supports the classifying and adding of Solid Edge features now

Extended External Doc functionality

  • Calling custom batch scripts for one or more classification instances
  • Additionally to the context menu entry a button can be created in the toolbar of the BCT aClass search window

Search for Teamcenter attributes with list of values (LOV)

  • LOVs can be used for search now in BCT aClass
  • If a Teamcenter LOV is attached to a configured Teamcenter attribute it will be directly available in BCT aClass
  • When a search term is entered into the search field, the displayed entries in the LOV will be filtered accordingly
  • Columns of LOVs can be sorted by clicking on the column header in the LOV table
  • Range LOVs can be identified via icon - tooltip of this icon  shows the minimum and maximum values of the range LOV

Displaying and solving of multi-level relations (pseudo folders)

  • Specific relations in Teamcenter can be displayed as folders in the navigator- and search window
  • Now BCT EasyPlot is able to solve across multiple relations, to select datasets according to the configuration and to move these selected datasets into the BCT EasyPlot clipboard

Advanced dataset sorting based on BOM structure and Teamcenter attributes

  • If an assembly is moved into the Clipboard of the BCT EasyPlot Client, the datasets can be sorted automatically by BOM structure and to multiple Teamcenter attribute values
  • The sort order of the datasets in the Clipboard resulting from the configuration of the advanced dataset sorting will be sent in this sequence as print jobs to the printer(s)

Stamping the assembly hierarchy on drawings

Extended stamping functionality

  • Gain information of the complete assembly hierarchy beginning from the current dataset and to
  • Print the configured attribute values on the drawing

On each assembly level the object type of the assembly will be checked against the configuration and if the object type matches, the corresponding attributes will be used in the stamp text

Naming pattern for exported files

  • The datasets which are exported from Teamcenter via the BCT EasyPlot export function can be renamed automatically through a configurable naming pattern
  • In the definition of the naming pattern static text and placeholders for Teamcenter attributes can be mixed

Values of BOM line attributes in clipboard columns

  • BOM line attributes of the items which are referenced to the datasets can be displayed in the clipboard columns

Support for array attributes in clipboard columns

  • Teamcenter array attribute can be used for a BCT EasyPlot clipboard columns now
  • Array values in the column can be filtered in the BCT EasyPlot clipboard

Download files from the nearest Teamcenter FSC

  • For BCT EasyPlot Web and the BCT EasyPlot Client (4-tier) you can configure that named references will be downloaded from the nearest assigned Teamcenter FSC (File Server Cache) instead of the Teamcenter Master Volume

Starting BCT EasyPlot print jobs in Teamcenter Active Workspace

  • Since the version 17.0 there is an integration of the BCT EasyPlot in Teamcenter Active Workspace (AWC)
  • Multiple objects can be selected for printing in the AWC, these objects could be items, item revisions or datasets
  • The BCT EasyPlot printing function will be started via an additional button in the graphical inter-face of the AWC
  • A print job will be send to the BCT EasyPlot Server

Starting a workflow process automatically after the check-in

  • The BCT Teamcenter Check-in Exits are an extension, which starts a workflow process after the check-in of configured Teamcenter object types
  • Via the Teamcenter workflow it is possible to integrate any process logic
  • An example for a possible use-case could be the generation of neutral formats via the dispatcher module for a UGPART dataset

Option to disable updating of drawing views for BCT part2raster

  • For BCT part2raster a new command line parameter has been added: „no_drawing_update“
  • If this parameter is set to true, drawing views and parts lists will not be updated before image generation

BCT BI-Reports now supports Teamcenter 11.2.

BCT TechDoc now supports Teamcenter 11.2.


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