Since February the new version v18.0 of the BCT add-ons is available!

Since the last full version v17.0 many important details have been further improved and some innovative new features have been added. So, the new version now supports the current versions NX 12 and Active Workspace 3.4.

BCT regularly releases new product versions and updates. The release notes provide an overview of new features, important changes and fixed bugs. In addition, you will find a detailed list of changes to all previous releases in the separate Changelog. Software patches are provided every two months in the download area.

Below we show you the highlights of the innovations from last year.



Drawing comparison in Active Workspace

The integration of BCT Inspector in Active Workspace has been further expanded. In addition to the Active Workspace 3.4 support, you can now also use BCT Inspector project files (beside PDFs and TIFFs) to visualize the differences between two change states.

BCT Inspector as part of the Siemens IBS QMS Portfolio

To carry out the inspection planning in IBS QMS, the characteristic data from the 3D model must be known. BCT Inspector can transfer this information to IBS QMS, where they can be used for effective Quality Management in the red marked areas of the following chart. This saves money and avoids mistakes by manual transfer.

Using a new menu entry in BCT Inspector v18.0, the IBS QMS inspection plan module now can be started and the project file, including drawings and models, can be passed to it.

In our upcoming newsletter in March, we show you more details about the integration of BCT Inspector in the IBS QMS portfolio from Siemens.

Export of PMI information to the measuring machine programming

With BCT Inspector for NX, PMI features can be exported to a CMM Inspection part, supporting the generation of metrics, tolerances and measurement paths directly in NX CMM Inspection.

BCT CheckIt as Add-On in Active Workspace

BCT CheckIt can be directly integrated in Active Workspace 3.4. The interactive inspection report lists components with failed checks for corrective action.

Recursive BOM release with new BCT CheckIt event types

During the validation, the bill of materials of the machine is recursively resolved and the validation is applied to each contained component. After the validation, the release workflow starts automatically for all components, provided that all checks - for both, the assembly and all its children - are error-free.
The manufacturer of special machines Bausch + Ströbel uses this function to accelerate its release processes. Read also our Case Study.

Check text content for named references

BCT CheckIt now can also access named references. The content of text files can be read for verification.

Check dates

With the new BCT CheckIt Rule "attributeDateCheck" a date value can be checked against another date value. It is possible to read a date value from a String or Teamcenter date field. Strings can have different date formats.

Performance Optimizations

In BCT EasyPlot various performance improvements were implemented:

BCT Easyplot Performance v18.0

Querying BOM attributes, for example, for use as balloons or print job names, has been speeded up and thus can be carried out at least three times faster.

BCT EasyPlot Performance v18.0

The time required to add datasets to the BCT EasyPlot Clipboard has been significantly reduced, so that you are twice as fast as before.

* The performance varies depending on the structure of the BOM
** The performance optimizations have been included for version 17, since patch 1 (17.0.1)

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BCT v18.0 supports the following plattforms:
NX 11, NX 12, Solid Edge ST 9, ST 10, Teamcenter 10.1, 11.2 - 11.4, Active Workspace 3.4, Geolus 8, 9
More information you can find in our platform matrix.

The version requires the installation of the BCT License Server v18.
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