Catchbook is a new, easy-to-use sketching app that helps you draw and trace accurately.

It is built on the world’s leading industrial drawing engine, and is designed specifically for use on tablets and smartphones.

With the intelligent geometry recognition you can quickly sketch complex geometries.

An automatic allocation of constraints and the use of dimensions turn your geometries into stable objects and thus raise the editability on an unprecedented level.

The data created with Catchbook can also be quickly and easily transferred to and further processed in Solid Edge and NX.

Let yourself be inspired by the ease of use...


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Simple publishing of the sketch in common neutral formats JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PDF, DXF.


Use pictures of all imaginable objects as templates for your designs.

The benefits:

  • Inspiration and integration of already implemented solutions
  • Scaled designs
  • Simple adaptation to existing 3D CAD models

  • Fast and professional communication with customers and / or suppliers
  • Shorten the process chain from request through design to first offer


How does the design mesh with its intended target environment?
Hint: Use Catchbook to answer this question in a few minutes.


Let yourself be inspired by a number of demo videos:

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