Since most companies use 3D models not only in product development, but also in manufacturing and assembly department, one would assume that they already said goodbye to classic 2D drawings.

But what's really state of the art in manufacturing companies?

To find it out, we launched a survey and already had 65 participants (at the time of evaluation) from the following industries:

The survey was divided into the following areas:

  • Design Data
  • Technical Data Package
  • Change and Configuration Management Data
  • External and Internal Manufacturing Data Exchange
  • Quality Requirements, Planning, and Inspection Code Generation
  • Enterprise Collaboration and Data Exchange

Below we will show you the detailed survey results and some possible solution approaches in the field "Change and Configuration Management Data".

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Survey Results in the Field of "Change and Configuration Management Data"

Survey Results Change and Configuration Management Data Survey Results Change and Configuration Management Data

Solution Approaches for a Drawingless Provision of "Change and Configuration Management Data"

Integration of Quality Management

In the product development process large amounts of different data is generated, that are important for quality management as they contain basic knowledge for the persistent improvement of product and process quality. 

With BCT Inspector, quality-relevant characteristic data can be automatically generated in CAD systems. The tool identifies, labels and extracts (critical) characteristics, giving them unique characteristic identifiers over the entire lifecycle of a part.

Therefore the characteristics get automatically ballooned directly in the CAD model in Solid Edge or NX (or alternatively CAD-neutral in a JT model).

Thus, quality data can be provided for downstream processes (also directly in the PDM-system Teamcenter) and customer-specific inspection reports as well as a change tracking via several model revisions can be generated.

Change Management

Manual processes are time consuming and hold the serious risk of errors. Undisputed one of them is the tracking of design changes: often a manual, time consuming, tedious and error prone venture.

Insufficient documented modification descriptions can cause increased time effort as well as many and repeated queries. Not infrequently, paper drawings get placed on top of each other to compare the changes manually and with the naked eye.

But this process should be a thing of the past, because avoiding missed items and mistakes can achieve significant saving of time and money.

Clear revision history and traceability of design changes with BCT Inspector:

BCT Inspector offers not only an intelligent comparison of drawings but also of 3D models and lists of characteristics. It allows, even in case of the absolute renouncement of 2D drawings, a fast and accurate tracking of all design changes by automatically generated change documentations.

Change Management
Change Management with BCT Inspector

The Quality Management Tool...

  • identifies, labels and extracts (critical) characteristics, giving them unique characteristic identifiers over the lifecycle
  • automatically identifies every engineering change that has occurred
  • provides an intelligent comparison of drawings, models and characteristic lists
  • avoids transcribing mistakes through direct data transfer and allows a fast and precise traceability of all engineering changes
  • generates semi-automated change documentation

Collaboration with suppliers

OEMs and suppliers are more interdependent than ever. They know they need to keep their operations finely tuned.

Change management also plays an important role in the collaboration with suppliers and other departments, because insufficient documented modification descriptions can cause increased time effort as well as many and repeated queries.

BCT Inspector can also assist in the collaboration with suppliers or other departments by automatically identifying design changes. The intelligent model comparison, labelling of changed parts and a clear graphical and tabular identification of all changed characteristics, allows a fast and accurate tracking of all design changes by OEM and suppliers.

The data for external suppliers or other internal departments can be automatically exported from the BCT Inspector tool in a neutral format. These can be opened - without any CAD system - with BCT Inspector Viewer, which provides various opportunities and advantages:

  • Generating inspection reports
  • Comparison of model and drawing revisions, including characteristics data
  • (CAD-independent) ballooning can be continued (for example, on the supplier side)

Due to the neutral display in BCT Inspector, for example the quality assurance department can transmit changes back to the design department - without using a CAD-system.

This approach can completely replace drawings in cooperation with customers, suppliers or internal departments such as assembly or manufacturing.


Collaboration with suppliers

Data Validation for Teamcenter

An important point in change management is to ensure that changes can not be missed.

Since each design change also brings a change in the characteristic data, it is important to check whether the data in Teamcenter are up-to-date latestly at time of release.

As a Teamcenter plug-in, BCT CheckIt provides the Teamcenter users with the option of flexible data checks which are fast and easy to perform. The verification can cover various criteria, e.g.:

  • Are all mandatory fields filled out?
  • Do the entered values meet the format specifications?
  • Are the dependent attributes correct?

Thus, the tool checks for example whether all information are present as required for approval. A simple integration into existing approval processes (also possible as a background workflow in Teamcenter) and a pre-validation by the user enable a flexible use.

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