Since most companies use 3D models not only in product development, but also in manufacturing and assembly department, one would assume that they already said goodbye to classic 2D drawings.

But what's really state of the art in manufacturing companies?

To find it out, we launched a survey and already had 65 participants (at the time of evaluation) from the following industries:

The survey was divided into the following areas:

  • Design Data
  • Technical Data Package
  • Change and Configuration Management Data
  • External and Internal Manufacturing Data Exchange
  • Quality Requirements, Planning, and Inspection Code Generation
  • Enterprise Collaboration and Data Exchange

Below we will show you the detailed survey results and some possible solution approaches in the field "External and Internal Manufacturing Data Exchange".

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Survey Results in the Field of "Change and Configuration Management Data"

Survey Results External and Internal Manufacturing Data Exchange Survey-Results External and Internal Manufacturing Data Exchange Survey-Results External and Internal Manufacturing Data Exchange

Solution Approaches for a Drawingless External and Internal Exchange of Manufacturing Data

Seamless connection of production to the Teamcenter PLM solution

PLM solutions help to efficiently manage the complete product lifecycle. However, this can only work if all areas along the process chain are incorporated in the creation of a product. But in manufacturing companies the product development is indeed usually well integrated, but the integration usually stops at the door to production at the latest.

With a Teamcenter integration, manufacturing teams can improve productivity by spending less time searching for and checking designs and manufacturing requirements. The use of a digital shop floor data management system reduces the possibility of errors due to a reference to out-of-date paper documents and so promotes the drawingless approach of Model-Based-Definition.

Shop Floor Connect for Teamcenter integrates users in manufacturing, assembly and other areas of the production environment into the Teamcenter PLM system. The manufacturing and assembly information (NC programs, tooling sheets, drawings, assembly instructions, etc.) that are released for the operators can be visualized and requested as well as returned via a simple browser-based user interface.

Digital connection of the design and build process

Tecnomatix Manufacturing Process PlannerThe Tecnomatix Manufacturing Process Planner (MPP) application is powered by Teamcenter and allows design and manufacturing engineers to concurrently develop product and manufacturing process definitions. This ensures that manufacturing constraints are reconciled during product design. By connecting the design/build process, MPP allows manufacturers to evaluate alternative manufacturing scenarios, maximize resource utilization and optimize throughput at the very early stages of concept planning.

Manufacturing Process Planner enables you to manage your manufacturing data, process, resource, and plant information in an integrated product and production lifecycle environment. This provides a seamless alignment between your engineering bill of materials (BOM), manufacturing BOM and the manufacturing bill of process (BOP). You can be confident that your designed parts and assemblies are properly consumed by your manufacturing processes. You also have advanced time management features that can help you analyze value added and non-value added activities and support your lean initiatives. You can also generate 2D/3D work instructions to clearly communicate assembly steps to the shop floor.

With the Teamcenter PMI Manager, requirements can be transferred directly to Teamcenter (from Teamcenter 10.1) on the basis of PMI and BCT Inspector characteristics information. This makes it possible to use them directly in the Manufacturing Process Planner.

The Technical Data Package for internal and external exchange

Technical Data Packages provide the product development with a comprehensive description. Therefore, they are also an essential basis for the procurement of a product or part, and thus for the data exchange with suppliers.

The Technical Data Package contains a collection of different elements, which include all information and relevant technical data such as drawings, specifications, design descriptions, standards, quality requirements or provisions for quality control.

If you export the Technical Data Package for the quality assurance and suppliers automatically out of BCT Inspector, the package includes the full feature table, NX drawings in neutral format and references to JT PMI models.

The data package then can be opened with BCT Inspector, which provides various opportunities and advantages:

  • Generating inspection reports
  • Comparison of model and drawing revisions, including feature data
  • Ballooning can be continued independently from the CAD-system (for example the suppliers)
BCT Inspector
BCT Inspector

Generation of neutral formats from the PDM-system Teamcenter

The source for the technical data package is the PDM-system, which allows the management of the product data and process-related information in a single and central system.

BCT provides different dispatcher modules for the automatic generation of neutral formats from the PDM system Teamcenter.

Thus, CAD models can automatically be converted in neutral formats such as JT, with all manufacturing information (PMI), which supports the smooth exchange of manufacturing data.

The creation of neutral formats, for example, is necessary for the following use cases:

  • to examine within an approval process
  • to provide data to suppliers
  • for transfer to an ERP system

The dispatcher modules are available as part of the BCT TC Toolbox.

Teamcenter Active Workspace Client - Enterprise-wide provision of PDM data

With the Active Workspace Client, you can provide company-wide all data from your PLM system via a new Teamcenter client.

Active Workspace helps you make smarter decisions, taking into account all necessary information, faster and easier than ever before.

  • Application for non-traditional "PLM" users
  • No detailed PLM knowledge necessary
  • Web-intuitive application
  • Easy and intelligible handling
  • Expect seamless access through a variety of devices
  • Visual representation of relationships
  • Powerful, high-performance search
  • Tasks / workflow-focused
  • External data connectivity (ERP, DMS, etc.)
  • Industry-specific
  • No plugins or 3rd party software necessary
  • No additional Teamcenter licenses required

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