Since February 2017, the current version NX 11.0.1 is available.

In our newsletter series, we present you the highlights and new functionalities.

In version NX 11.0.1, the part navigator has following
new folders:

  • links,
  • user expressions
  • and non-timestamp geometry

In the folder "Links", a differentiation is made between "Linked Expressions" and "Linked features".

In the "User expressions" folder, custom expressions (parameter) can be displayed.

NX 11.0.1 Part-Navigator


The folder "Link" and the corresponding subfolders

→ Linked Expressions and
→ Linked features

are only visible or created in the part navigator, when a linked expression or a linked form element is generated.

NX 11.0.1 Part-Navigator

The column "Status" in the part navigator now shows whether the referenced component is

  • fully loaded
  • not loaded
  • or only partially loaded.

Further, the name of the referenced component is also displayed in the status bar.

This information is displayed in the "Links" folder, as well as directly at the relevant form element in the model history.

User Expressions

So far, no expression groups existing in the part, but only the expressions themselves, have been displayed. By clicking the right mouse button on the folder "user expressions", you can now display also expression groups.

By default, no parameter groups, existing in the part, are displayed.

By selecting or deselecting the option "Expression groups", the view in the part navigator is changed accordingly.

NX 11.0.1 Part-Navigator
NX 11.0.1 Part-Navigator

Standard View

Expression Groups View

Non-timestamp Geometry

The folder "Non-timestamp Geometry" contains objects that:

  • cannot be generated by a form element
  • have no time stamps
  • are not associative
  • can be referenced by form elements


  • non associative lines, arcs, circles, splines, ellipses, and dots
  • planes (no form elements with type "Datum Plane")
  • coordinate systems (no form elements with type "Datum Coordinate Systems")
  • point cloud objects
  • routing path curves
  • facet bodies

Non-associative geometry objects can be pushed directly from the part navigator e.g. to a layer, using the right mouse button.




Another option in the part navigator is that now the display of reference sets via the part navigator view "Timestamp Order" is displayed.

This option must be set by the user standards:

Gateway → Part Navigator
→ Show Reference Sets folder

NX 11.0.1 Part-Navigator NX 11.0.1 Part-Navigator NX 11.0.1 Part-Navigator

Benefits for the user

Better overview of ...

  • parameters
  • referenced expressions and geometry objects with direct reference to the component
    and their loading status
  • the non-associative objects, existing in the part
  • the reference sets, existing in the part

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