Since February 2017, the current version NX 11.0.1 is available.
In our upcoming newsletter series, we will present you the highlights and new functionalities.

"Isolate in New Window"

One of the highlights in the current version is a new command to work even more effectively with assemblies.

With the command "Isolate in New Window", selected components (part and / or sub-assemblies) can be displayed in a separate graphics window.

These windows can be arranged side by side or one above the other. Thus, it is possible to work even better in the assembly context and users receive an improved, visual feedback for the part they are working on.

NX 11.0.1 Isolated Window

  • The command can be accessed via the right mouse key in the assembly context menu  
  • Any number of individual parts and / or assemblies can be selected and isolated
  • Parts and / or assemblies can also be removed from the isolated window
  • When the isolated window is closed, the parts in the isolated window get not closed


Isolate Parts:

NX 11.0.1 Isolate in New Window

Remove Part Isolation:

NX 11.0.1 Isolate in New Window


View the following video regarding the isolation of parts / sub-assemblies:

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