What is JT?

JT is the abbreviation for Jupiter Tesselation.

It is a CAD neutral data exchange format with the file ending *.jt.

The development of JT started in 1998 by the collaboration of Hewlett-Packard and Engineering Automation, Inc.

Engineering Automation, Inc. was taken over UGS, so as to JT is today a Siemens PLM product.

Today JT is - in some way similar to PDF - an open industry standard in ISO certification.

JT data can be viewed CAD independent with free viewer (e.g. JT2GO). In NX or Solid Edge JT can be generated using the export or save functionality. If NX or Solid Edge are integrated into a Teamcenter environemnt JT data can be also generated in a workflow.

Schematischer Aufbau einer JT-Datei

Information Content

The information content of JT data is configurable.

The geometric accuracy of the data can be defined with the "Level of detail", a display range from absolute precision to very simplified e.g. for plant layouts can be generated.

In addition attributes can be passed from CAD to JT. The visualization of manufacturing information (PMI) is possible.

Assembly structures can be either visualized in JT (JT per part) or flattened to a part (monolithic JT). (Image BG_NX.jpg below shows the structure and the geometry of an NX assembly "Actuator")

  • Per Part: a JT file is generated for each single part. The assembly merely contains the JTs of the single part.
  • Monolithic: the geometry of all single parts and the assembly structure is visualized in a JT file.
Structure and the geometry of an NX assembly "Actuator"

Benefits of JT

  • Performant visualization of large assemblies.
  • Continuous usage of product data in all company areas even without CAD connectivity.
  • Simple combination of data from several CAD systems.
  • Optimated collaboration with suppliers and customers controlling the information content thanks to configurable content of the JT data.
  • The series will be continued with JT and Visualization.
Structure of the assembly after being generated as a JT with the option "Per Part". The assembly JT does not contain any geometry.
Structure of the assembly after being generated as a JT with the option "monolithic". The assembly JT contains all geometry information of the volume bodies.

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