The CAD neutral 3D formt JT can be used in combination with PMIs (Product Manufacturing Information) to display manufacturing relevant information. Product information, that until now could be displayed only on drawings can now be visualized with PMIs directly on the JT model:

  • Dimensional tolerances
  • Form and positional tolerances
  • Texts
  • Surface information
  • Sectional representations

JTs with PMI can be used as a drawing replacement when working with customers, suppliers, assembly department or manufacturing department. The following viewers can be used for JT data and PMIs:

  • Embedded Viewer TC VIS
  • Viewer TC VIS
  • JT2GO

Benefit of using JT & PMI

  • Performant visualization of large amounts of data with JT
  • Continuous usage of product data in
  • Development » Production » Manufacturing » Maintenance » Documentation
  • Combination of data from several CAD systems with JT
  • ⇒ CAD independent
  • Control of information content through configurable content of the JT files
  • ⇒ Optimized collaboration with suppliers and customers
  • Reduction of design times by reducing efforts for drawing generation
  • ⇒ Drawing reduced manufacturing

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