Teamcenter Visualization

  • The CAD-neutral data format JT can be used in combination with Teamcenter Visualization to provide geometry data to persons and departments without CAD system access
  • Teamcenter Visualization can be integrated into Teamcenter to provide access to geometry data to persons with database access
  • In order to visualize geometry data outside the database, Teamcenter Visualization can be used as a stand-alone application
    Image 1

    Visualization posibilities

    • Besides the simple visualization of geometry data Teamcenter Visualization has analysis and attribute visualization capabilities
    • Measurement functionality: in addition to distance delta values in X, Y and Z can be visualized
      • Distance measurement is done between surfaces, edges or point (image 1)
      • A related measurement to a reference point can be done, at which several elements are dimensioned to the same reference (image 1)

    • Section functionality: JT data can be displayed in section, in order to show the inner geometry. A mesh can be added to the section (image 2 und image 3)
    • Markup: the visualization of attributes on JT data can be done with markups. A markup can be e.g. a part name or material (image 4)
    Image 2
    Image 3

    Benefits of JT and Teamcenter Visualization

    • A fast visualization of large amounts of data
    • Different neutral formats can be viewed with Teamcenter Visualization
    • Use of product data even without CAD access
    • A simplified collaboration with suppliers and customers indepent from the CAD system (Multi-CAD)
    Image 4

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