The increasing demand of customers for customized, high-quality products does not make it easy to stay in product development as close as possible to the standard.

Many companies have great difficulty finding ways to reduce their range of parts. Poor data quality, lack of search tools and improved CAD systems as well as the lack of awareness mean that the number of parts explodes. To counter the causes of the product data chaos, the standardizing has to play an important role in the product development process.

The classification is an useful tool to manage parts effectively.

Beginning with Teamcenter 11.2 a new "Library Management" module, that is based on the classification, is available. It provides new possibilities to capture and supply expert knowledge in libraries to support standardization.

The classification tool BCT aClass (based on Teamcenter 11.2) utilizes the functionality of Teamcenter Library Management.

Various libraries can be provided for different applications. There are many types of applications. Libraries can be ordered by design disciplines, according to program or project membership or specific standards. The libraries themselves contain their own hierarchy, similar to the class structure, which however can be ordered independently.

So-called "Membership Rules" fill the libraries automatically based on classification data.

If the Library Support in BCT aClass is enabled, the following functionalities are available in the different roles:

Basic user

  • Search and navigation in libraries
  • Open / Install (CAD Integration)

Library Admin

  • Management of libraries and their hierarchy
  • Assigning class nodes to library nodes
  • Creating "Membership Rules" to fill the libraries
  • Adding a documentation to the library
  • Thumbnails for the Library node and hierarchy
Example of Use

Example of an assignment of class hierarchy from designing to UNSPSC classification for e-commerce. Thereby the class structure serves for use in product development. The classes used in the class structure are assigned to a library which is structured according to the UNSPSC standard.

Based on "Membership Rules" the libraries are automatically filled with the data from the classification.




Availability and Requirements

The new functionality is available in BCT aClass from version 16.1.3 and is included in the BCT aClass license. It requires Teamcenter 11.2 with installed Library Management feature. It is subject to a charge and requires an additional license increment for Teamcenter.


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