The latest release of NX software continues to improve on
the impressive functionality and user-friendliness of previous versions.

NX 10 introduces a new 2D layout environment, extensions to freeform design tools and synchronous modeling, improvements in drafting and documentation, new industry-specific design capabilities, and touch-enabled user interaction that makes the power of NX available anywhere.

In this article we will present you the enhancements in NX Drafting.

NX 10 for Design - Easier and more powerful than ever

The new version NX 10 includes significant improvements of the drafting capabilities.

Break Dimension Lines

In NX 10 an automatic break of dimension and arrow lines is now possible.

The intersections are determined automatically and remain, even under dynamic shift of dimension lines or reference texts, associative.

You can set the break globally or individually for each time. Furthermore, a multi-selection of object types is possible.

The function is available in the drawing and PMI application.

Single Sided Dimension

The single sided dimension is a completely new feature in NX 10.

The "Display as single sided dimension" option allows you to create and edit linear and angular dimensions with just a single leader line. The side also easily can be reversed.

Using this new function, dimensions now are possible even when the original of the associated geometry is not visible. The function is available in the drawing and PMI application.


Foreshortening is a common practice in drafting. In NX 10 the functions therefor have been enhanced:

In NX 10 now new symbols for dimension lines and text reference lines are available. It enables an interactive and dynamic adding and positioning.

The shortening symbol can be added directly when creating or later.

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