The latest release of NX software continues to improve on the impressive functionality and user-friendliness of previous versions.

NX 10 introduces a new 2D layout environment, extensions to freeform design tools and synchronous modeling, improvements in drafting and documentation, new industry-specific design capabilities, and touch-enabled user interaction that makes the power of NX available anywhere.

In this article we provide an overview of the highlights...

NX 10 for Design - Easier and more powerful than ever

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Comfortable Concept Design with NX Layout.

  • A new, easy-to-use, 2D conceptual layout solution within NX. Quickly capture, explore and iterate design concepts in 2D.

Creating complex models quickly and easily with NX Realize Shape.

NX Realize Shape has been enhanced to give you more control over your geometry. Enhancements make it easy to create complex freeform geometries.

Active Workspace is embedded directly in NX. It enables you to quickly access Teamcenter software data from within NX.

  • Higher productivity by providing a common user interface of NX and Teamcenter.
  • Finding information about your products quickly and easily, at any time.

Touch-based interface:

  • Using NX in touch mode offers unlimited possibilities and an all new level of versatility and comfort for the extended structure.
  • It is a more intuitive and easy way to interact with software.

Optimize 2D geometry:

  • "Optimize 2D geometry" is a new function in NX 10 that cleans up 2D data in the same way the "optimize face" function cleans up 3D data.
  • It’s one of many possibilities that NX offers to reduce rework and part cleanup time.

NX Line Designer:

  • Design complete production layouts on a single platform.
  • Easily optimize the process by specifying each production step down to managing a single manufacturing resource, such as a robot or a fixture.

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