Better design starts with better software.

The latest release of NX software delivers a robust set of new tools and significant enhancements to existing
functionality. The goal is to help you design, test and manufacture your products quickly and with fewer errors than ever before.

NX 11 introduces capabilities for convergent modeling, rapid manufacturing, with improved annotation, drafting and documentation, and rendering. Active Workspace in NX 11 is built around these items to provide seamless access to PLM capabilities right within NX.

The following article shows you how to find your parts even more quickly with NX11...

Find parts more quickly

It is now easier to identify parts, when changing from a displayed part to already loaded parts.

When switching windows, an automatic change of the application is executed. This means, that the part changes to the application in which it has been last saved.

NX shows a preview of the part, its name (file name) and the description ($ DESCRIPTION), as well as the NX application by displaying the corresponding icon (design, drawing, sheet metal, etc.).

The preview is available when changing and adding parts or views.

NX 11 - Find parts more quickly

Switching windows:

  • The display for changing parts can be selected by the following 3 possibilities:
    • From the Quick Access Toolbar "Switch Windows"
    • Using the Shortcut Toolbar
    • Via the shortcut Ctrl + Tab
  • The selection of the desired part is done via
    • Shift + Tab: Pre-selection previous window
    • Selection by mouse click
  • The selected part is highlighted
  • Thumbnails get updated dynamically
NX 11 - Find parts more quickly

Extended switching windows function

A further function for switching windows is available via "Change displayed part":

  • Parts are displayed in lists or tiles
  • For the tiles 4 different image sizes are available (medium, tile, small, extra-small)

  • Via the search entry, parts are filtered according to the filename or the description
  • Assembly dependencies can be searched and selected step by step
  • Due to the stepwise filtering, the parts depending on the assembly structure (assembly level) are automatically selected in the dialogue box

Adding parts

  • When adding parts, the same search functions are available as in the case of changing parts
  • The display in list or tile form is also possible as in "Change displayed part"
  • When you move the mouse pointer over the list entry, a preview of the part with file name and description appears for the sake of clarity
NX 11 Change parts

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