Better design starts with better software.

The latest release of NX software delivers a robust set of new tools and significant enhancements to existing
functionality. The goal is to help you design, test and manufacture your products quickly and with fewer errors than ever before.

NX 11 introduces capabilities for convergent modeling, rapid manufacturing, with improved annotation, drafting and documentation, and rendering. Active Workspace in NX 11 is built around these items to provide seamless access to PLM capabilities right within NX.

The following article explains the new function "Flattening and Forming".

Flattening and Forming

With the function Flattening and Forming you can flatten and
smooth 3D surfaces as well as related curves and points from
one or more solids to a 2D plane.

On the flattened surface, new curves may be defined and generated more easily.

After this, the new curves can be re-formed to the original 3D surfaces.

The demolding of the surface is a fully geometry-based flattening process.

Further, stretching and compression is mathematically determined without consideration of an e-module and can be displayed.

The smoothing of the 3D surface can be made via the option "Flattening". By specifying...

  • the flattening surface
  • a surface origin
  • the projection direction

the selected surface gets flattened.

For better clarity, the flattened surface can be moved.

Curves and sketch geometries can be created on the flattened surface.

NX 11 Flattening and Forming

The option "Forming and Reuse" allows you to re-form the flattened surfaces and curves, as well as all newly created curves and sketch geometries, back to the origin 3D surfaces.

NX 11 Flattening and Forming

With these 2D contours on the original 3D surface can be continued.

NX 11 Flattening and Forming

For example, using the created 2D contours, you can now create corresponding recesses in the 3D area using "Trim surface".

NX 11 Flattening and Forming

Benefit / Advantage

The Flattening and Forming function is a complete solution for flattening, modifying, and re-forming curved surfaces in the design and manufacturing process.

Thus, it supports completely new product development processes.



NX 11 Flattening and Forming

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