Better design starts with better software.

The latest release of NX software delivers a robust set of new tools and significant enhancements to existing
functionality. The goal is to help you design, test and manufacture your products quickly and with fewer errors than ever before.

NX 11 introduces capabilities for convergent modeling, rapid manufacturing, with improved annotation, drafting and documentation, and rendering. Active Workspace in NX 11 is built around these items to provide seamless access to PLM capabilities right within NX.

In the following article we will show you the new PMI possibilities in NX 11.

Convert To PMI

PMI means Product Manufacturing Information. This way of 3D geometry description is available in NX for a long time now.

By assigning PMI to the 3D model, NX contributes to extended reuse in the product life cycle.

The PMI from NX can be fully used for drafting with NX as well as in further Siemens applications for validation, variation analysis, NC processing and generation of test programs.

PMI annotations can also be displayed in viewing applications for JT formats to enhance collaboration.

New ways in PMI technology - with NX 11

With NX 11 it is now possible to go new ways in PMI technology. It allows you to create PMI objects for the corresponding 3D geometry from existing 2D drawings.

For this, the drawing views and associated annotations are converted to model views and PMI objects. The following types are supported:

  • Drawing - drawing sheet
  • View
  • Annotation (dimensions & texts)

Depending on the selection, the corresponding user dialog will be displayed:

Selection "Drawing":

The drawing views and associated annotations from all drawing sheets that exist for the part are converted to model views and PMI objects.

NX 11 PMI Zeichnung

Selection "Sheet":

The selected drawing or drawings with all drawing views and associated annotations are converted to model views and PMI objects.

NX 11 PMI Sheet


Selection "View":

The selected views in the part, regardless at which drawing sheet they are, are converted with the associated annotations to model views and PMI objects.

NX 11 PMI View

Selection "Annotations":

The individually selected annotation objects are converted to model views and PMI objects. In this case, no change to a second drawing sheet is possible - this must be done in a second step.

NX 11 PMI Annotation

By selecting the preview in the user dialog, you can see which objects can be converted. All red marked objects are converted to PMI objects.

After the conversion, the corresponding PMI views are shown in the 3D part, which can be seen in the parts navigator under "Model Views".

By selecting the appropriate PMI view you can see the PMI information at the 3D model.

The following video shows you the possibilities of converting to PMI in detail:

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