Better design starts with better software.

The latest release of NX software delivers a robust set of new tools and significant enhancements to existing
functionality. The goal is to help you design, test and manufacture your products quickly and with fewer errors than ever before.

NX 11 introduces capabilities for convergent modeling, rapid manufacturing, with improved annotation, drafting and documentation, and rendering. Active Workspace in NX 11 is built around these items to provide seamless access to PLM capabilities right within NX.

In this article we provide an overview of the highlights.

Read more about the enhancements in NX 11 by clicking on the several topics:

Switch Windows

  • New window management / Switching between parts
  • Part preview and application are displayed
  • Search parts and open them according to the name and / or assembly constraints
NX 11 Benutzeroberfläche

Convergent Modeling

  • Facets can be inserted as a new geometry object
  • Allows "mixing" of facets and B-Rep geometry
  • Enables completely new ways in the design process

Flattening and Forming

  • A function for almost all Flattening and Forming processes
  • Fast geometry-based calculation
  • Visual display of stretching / compression
  • Enables parallel designing in 2D and 3D
NX 11 Glätten und Formen

Swept Volume

  • Boolean operation which moves a tool body along a 2D or 3D path
  • Orientation control
  • Creation of design form elements which reflect the exact result of manufacturing processes

Reuse Library

  • All necessary settings defined in the OOTB-installation
  • „On-the-fly“ generation of purchased parts
  • CADENAS library elements are extended with mechatronic information, for use in NX Mechatronics Concept Designer
  • The elements contain (amongst others) the component kinematics as well as sensors and actuators

Line Designer / Point Cloud

  • Embedding factory scans into the layout plan
  • Using the Bentley POD format
  • All scan points are available for selecting
NX 11 Line Designer / Point Cloud

High-End Real-Time Rendering mit Iray+ - Ray Traced Studio

  • New render engine Iray+ with multicore support CPU / GPU
  • New improved materials incl. light sources and new material editor
  • Supports remote rendering
NX 11 Realtime Rendering

Convert to PMI

  • Conversion of labels on the drawing to PMI information
  • Can be predefined via configuration options
  • Batch mode with conversion report possible

Active Workspace

  • Active Workspace replaces the Teamcenter navigator in the resource pane
  • Multiple Selection in Active Workspace
  • Drag & Drop support
  • Start relationship browser directly from Active Workspace
  • Send part or assembly directly into a workflow
NX 11 Active Workspace

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