The latest NX software version, NX 12, is now available.

The challenges we face today in the marketplace, from increasingly complex products that rely on integrated electronics to ever shorter delivery times, can only be met with truly open, integrated software that offers the best tools on one single platform.

NX 12 offers you this solution with a unique, scalable, multidisciplinary platform. It combines electrical, mechanical and control systems through tight integration with Mentor Graphics, Capital Harness and Xpedition.

NX 12 eliminates the barriers to innovation at every stage of the process, from development to manufacturing, to help companies meet the challenges of the rapidly shortening product lifecycle.

NX 12 Insole

NX 12 - Platform for multidisciplinary design

Building on Convergent Modeling™ technology that allows designers to seamlessly work and model with mesh geometry in combination with precise geometry, the new version combines tools for design optimization, advanced geometry creation, freeform shapes and parametric design to make generative design a reality.

Integrating these tools gives designers more flexibility and choice when dealing with complex geometries. Using these technologies in combination also allows companies to go beyond traditional solutions that focus solely on optimizing shape in order to achieve truly multidisciplinary design.

With the further development of the design, also the manufacturing process has to be optimized. Additive manufacturing makes it possible to produce optimized designs that were previously impossible or too expensive to produce.

NX 12 addresses the unique challenges of designing, optimizing, and building components using state-of-the-art additive manufacturing techniques.

In the constant drive to reduce component weight and improve resource usage, companies are looking to incorporate lattice structures into design in order to meet these goals without compromising on strength and structural integrity.

NX 12 delivers new approaches to design for additive manufacturing, including the ability to add lattice.

Convergent Modeling makes it possible to work directly with faceted geometry such as these lattice structures, saving companies from the lengthy data conversion process normally

This enables companies to deliver lighter, stronger products to market in much less time.

NX 12 NX 12 3D Printer

Highlights in NX 12


  • Multiple window layout
    • Several parts are displayed simultaneously in separate windows
    • New tab-based layout for any number of windows
NX 12 User Friendliness



  • New operating behavior
NX 12 User Friendliness


  • Enhancements in Convergent Modeling™
    • Creating holes
    • Body trimming
    • Create transitions
NX 12 Design



  • Flattening and forming
    • Define the edges which will “rip” when flattening
    • Defining fixed geometry elements
NX 12 Design


  • Add Component
    • The command to add components has been completely revised
    • No secondary dialogs for moving and constraints
    • Immediate preview of the component



  • DMU work context and snapshots
    • New application for the DMU process
    • Save snapshots incl. direction of view, component display and analysis information
NX 12 Assembly

Sheet Metal

  • Extension of the basic element "plate"
    • Support of several, internal sketch contour geometries for creating cutouts of the basic element "plate"
NX 12 Sheet Metal

  • Multi flange
    • Simultaneous flange production on several edges
    • Multiple instances through a list-based selection
NX 12 Sheet Metal


  • Suppress PMI objects
    • A new command to suppress PMI objects

  • PMI bolt circle centerline
    • Creation of complete and partial bolt circle centerlines



  • PMI conversion
    • Surface determination for linked dimension objects that refer to edges


  • Drawing derivation of converging bodies
NX 12 Drafting

  • Improved loading speed of assemblies, even during drawing derivation
    • Partially loaded even with the Lightweight display
NX 12 Drafting

Teamcenter Integration

  • Representation of the precise structure in the assembly navigator
    • The display in the assembly navigator matches with the column "Precise" in the Teamcenter Structure Manager
NX 12 Teamcenter Integration

  • Several item name patterns
    • Automatic determination of the name patterns via the item type
    • List of different and available name pattern
    • Selection of a name pattern
NX 12 Teamcenter Integration

Animation Designer

  • New product to easily simulate motion sequences
    • Simulation of several parallel movements
    • Time-based processes
    • Dynamic collision check
    • Animating, simulating components independent of the assembly structure
    • Animating, simulating sketches, parts, and assembly components
NX 12 Automation Designer


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