NX enables you with creating comprehensive machine check programs for coordinate measuring machines (CMMs).

NX CMM Inspection offers an easy way to run the whole inspection process while quickly generating such collision-free programs in NX. You can reduce inaccuracies and ensure conformance to design requirements by programming directly on the CAD model.

Using NX CMM Inspection Programming, you can significantly reduce your programming time, free-up cost-intensive CMM machine resources and respond quickly to design changes:

  • Automated CMM programming
  • Post Processing and Simulation
  • Integrated Solution
  • Integrability of the solution

For the automatic generation of check programs, NX CMM Inspection uses model-based product and manufacturing information (PMI).
Now also create collision-free programs based only on drawing information:

BCT Inspector provides drawing data in NX CMM Inspection and supports you with the drawing-assisted creation of measurement characteristics, tolerances and measurement paths directly in NX.


The export is carried out analogous to the status of a feature. New features will be added in NX CMM Inspection, modified features will be updated and deleted features will be highlighted in NX CMM Inspection as deleted (will not be deleted).

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