Henny Penny Corporation is a global manufacturer of Food Service Equipment
with more than 600 employees worldwide.

Its corporate headquarters are located in Eaton, Ohio. Moreover, there is a second facility in Suzhou (China). 

The customers include, amongst others, international large food chains
like Mc Donald´s, KFC or Wendy´s. 

The following video shows the interesting brand story:


Henny Penny uses NX for product design and Teamcenter as PLM backbone. Historically there are additional systems connected to Teamcenter.

In the context of change and release processes, data is exchanged between Teamcenter and other involved systems. Further, Teamcenter workflows are automatically started by external systems.

The system-wide process is divided into three components:

  1. Engineering Work Request (EWR)
  2. Product Change Notification (PCN)
  3. Publizieren und Konvertieren von NX Daten

A change request launched from an access-based application, initiates a change workflow in Teamcenter via an interface. After the design department has processed the change request, the changes are completed via a release workflow in Teamcenter. Various neutral formats are generated for CAD data, which are later also transferred to the external PCN application. In addition, an eDrawing file, that is required for production, is generated from NX. Further, a change message is transferred to the PCN application via the interface.

However, the consistency and quality of data in the involved systems are insufficient in many respects. Also trigging the workflows through external sources cause several problems.

By publishing data, errors such as missing datasets, Teamcenter attributes, or access rights, frequently occur. This all results in a high time-consuming effort for troubleshooting and problem treatment. In addition, designers usually do not know why processes fail and this is why also administrators get involved.

Key to Success

Using BCT CheckIt, Henny Penny was able to simplify the processes for users and administrators substantially.

Thus, for each of the above-mentioned process components, one group of checks was created. These BCT CheckIt checks can be started in Teamcenter at any time.

The following checks are performed for each process...

Publish NX data:

BCT CheckIt Henny Penny

Product Change Notification (PCN):

BCT CheckIt Henny Penny

Engineering Work Request (EWR):

BCT CheckIt Henny Penny

After checking with BCT CheckIt, an interactive report is displayed, which shows all results of the individual checks. Customizable error messages and hints enable users to quickly identify and remove the error causes:

Example of a checking rule "checkWebserviceCall"

In order to verify the process requirements in the systems connected to Teamcenter, BCT CheckIt can access other systems using REST (Representational State Transfer) Web Service Calls.

The following example shows a rule configured with BCT CheckIt. Thereby, placeholders are inserted into a Web service URL. Up to 9 placeholders can be used.



Using BCT CheckIt in Teamcenter, system-wide processes at Henny Penny could be secured and the error handling significantly simplified.

When checks have been performed successfully, Teamcenter workflows are started. The improved data quality results in fewer workflow interruptions.

In addition, the detailed check reports save time in the error diagnosis.

    Note: BCT CheckIt is also available in Teamcenter Active Workspace

    BCT CheckIt in Teamcenter Active Workspace

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