Polarion ALM at BCT

Within our long-term partnership with Siemens PLM Software, we advise our customers about ALM and the comprehensive software "Polarion" from Siemens. Further, as a developer of high-quality add-ons for Siemens software, we also know the challenges of software development.

This is why we successfully use Polarion ALM ourselves since this year, which makes the daily development work much easier for us.


Our initial situation

Process and system landscape prior to the introduction of Polarion:

  • Agile software development process consists of four phases
    • Requirements Management
    • Coding
    • Testing
    • Evolution
  • Corresponding core pieces are available
  • In separate systems, only partially integrated with each other
  • This results in many weak points within the process
    • media breaks
    • Unsuitable systems for areas
    • Missing integrations
    •  data redundancy


The result - Polarion ALM as a central solution
for the agile development process

  • The system landscape has been significantly simplified
    - Elimination of Excel, Mantis, TestLink and Trac
  • Redundancy and manual data transmission are no longer required
  • Significantly improved process reliability
  • Traceability simply presents complex relationships, e.g. from the failed test back to the original requirement
  • Increased transparency, single source of truth
  • Very good user acceptance
    - in product management, software development and support

«80% of Product Innovation and Differentiation is now Electrical, Electronics and Software. Not Mechanics.»

Siegmar Haasis, CIO R&D Daimler AG

The share of software in machines and products is gaining in importance, as it paves the way for entirely new solutions and business models.

However, the growing complexity also leads to an increasing risk of errors.
This is precisely the point, where Polarion ALM comes into play.

Polarion ALM is the first comprehensive solution for application lifecycle management and is used by leading companies since 2005.

The software solution keeps all participants in the product development process up-to-date, with the goal of developing a successful product.


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