With new propagation rules in Teamcenter 11.2, project and / or change-related property values are made available to all assigned objects by means of a project or change assignment of a revision. So you only have to assign a revision, instead of filling these values for each object individually and manually.

New Propagation Rules in Teamcenter 11.2

A propagation rule is a rule that specifies to copy property values automatically from an instance of a source business object type to an instance of a destination business object type using a relationship or a property reference.

For example, an item revision has a project assignment.

A propagation rule can be defined to propagate the project assignment automatically from the item revision to any dataset pasted to the item revision when a certain operation occurs.

You can also propagate any number of other property values. You must simply create the rules to control what properties to propagate. You can also propagate forward or backward through multiple levels in the product structure.


The following example illustrates how a project assignment can be propagated from one business object type to another using propagation rules.

In the example, rules are created to propagate the project assignment (Project A) on a Cpd0CollaborativeDesign business object type to other business object types. There is one rule for each level that the data must traverse.

  • A user sets data on a business object type for which propagation rules are set. The user sets the data on a "Cpd0CollaborativeDesign" business object type.

  • When an action is taken on that business object type that starts the propagation (for example, at checkin), the data is propagated through the structure. The action is defined in the propagation rules.

  • After propagation, you can view the propagated data on the business object instances.

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